People are sharing photos from the craziest weddings they’ve seen or seen online (NEW PHOTOS)

When you think about it, weddings are the perfect toxic cocktail that stands a chance for anything to happen. Ongoing tension, sleepless nights, dulhania, tantrums, and even though everyone is walking on eggshells… they are still wearing army boots.

An excerpt from these crazy weddings that basically look like you’re watching the season of GOT ends up on the infamous corner of Reddit known as r/weddingshaming, It turns out, it’s the ultimate online destination for wedding themes, bridesmaids, groomsmen, decorations, dresses, in-laws, hoods, guests, Uncle Bob, vendors, buffets, flowers, or lack thereof. The description of the community speaks for itself: “You name it, we shame it!” So without further ado, I leave the stage for a collection of weddings that will raise not only one brow but the hair on your head.

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