People are sharing pictures of life from 50-100 years ago and they can put things in a new perspective (New Photos)

How would you describe normal, daily life? Well, for a modern person, it’s anything from brushing their teeth to commuting to work. Oh wait, no more. Coronavirus has shaken up some things, and has prompted us to work from home, stay longer, keep distances and what not. The change is dramatic and it’s only been like two years (about three!, omg) since it first started in late 2019.

So yes, time is flying by like a Hadron Collider, changing things beyond recognition along the way. But today will feel nothing like the day 20, 50, or 100 years ago. And we mean it. Thanks to the diverse corner of reddit”the way we were”, which is home to a magnificent collection of old photographs, scanned documents, articles and personal anecdotes, we can all secure our seat belts and travel to the past.

The community was created back in 2012, and will celebrate its ten-year anniversary in less than a month. As of today, it has had 549k time travelers, I mean dedicated members, who share a fascination with things that have gone through time, just like us. Upvote your favorite pics and be sure to watch part 1 of the post right here,

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