People call Eminem for ‘cultural appropriation’

Everyone knows who Eminem is. He has huge follows him, but he’s also known for his controversial reputation, and people called him out recently because of an old music video.

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Eminem is now an icon for many millennials.

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Eminem, whose real name is Marshal Mathers, first entered the hip-hop scene in his native Detroit, Michigan in 1997.

But the star was not always easy …

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In the early 90s, he worked tirelessly to make a name for himself in the underground world of hip-hop, which proved to be quite a challenge for a white man.

He started his career back in 1988 under the stage name MC Double M, later turned into M&M before he finally became Eminem…

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It took him quite some time to establish himself in the industry, with veteran Detroit MCs and DJs making fun of the “skinny white boy” from the stage.

This went on for several years until finally he signed with Jeff and Mark Bass’ FBT Productions and recorded his debut album…

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Unfortunately, 1996 Endless album sells poorly.

But he didn’t give up…

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Eminem’s freestyle skills and Slim Shady’s unique personality caught the attention of rapper and producer Dr. Dre at a rap battle in Los Angeles.

And the rest is history…

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Under the direction of the producer, Eminem released the cult Slim Shady LP in 1999, which sold millions of copies and earned him 2 Grammy Awards and 4 MTV Video Music Awards.

It catapulted him into the spotlight.

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In 2000 he released Marshall Mathers LPwhich included some of his most popular tracks such as “Stan” and “The Real Slim Shady”.

His fourth album The Eminem Show in 2002 was just as successful…

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And in the same year, the musician made his film debut, 8 milewhich was based on his own life, growth and success in the hip hop world.

It is safe to say that he has experienced a lot in his life.

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And Eminem, of course, was not shy about controversy.

He often uses his music to retell disturbing events that have happened in his life…

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Eminem’s abusive childhood has been rumored for years, and the rapper is known to have had a difficult relationship with his mom, Debbie Nelson-Mathers.

However, he built his image around a restless, rebellious young man who just doesn’t care.

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And he seems to be using his music as an outlet for all of his… problematic frustrations. In his songs, he publicly criticized many celebrities, including Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, Christina Aguilera and Will Smith.

The rapper has often been criticized for coming up with “problematic” lyrics.

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Many have accused the rapper of being “sexist” and “homophobic” and prone to violence.

He often rapped about hurting women and killing his wife Kim.

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And in earlier years, he was arrested and charged with assault in 2000 when he allegedly stabbed a man he saw kissing her, so I think some people are just worried that his lyrics might actually play out in real life. life.

But that still didn’t stop his behavior.

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And recently, people on social media have taken matters into their own hands, trying to cancel it, in particular, because of one song.

People are criticizing the rapper for cultural appropriation, with many expressing outrage over the old music video.

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We are talking about the song “My Band”, recorded with the participation of D12 and released back in 2004.

In the video, Eminem was dressed as a matador and D12 was dressed as a Mariachi band.

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Some social media users didn’t like it and his lyrics went viral as well.

In one part of the song, he says, “Salsa makes all the pretty girls dance and get in their underpants.”

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But why are people bringing up this topic only now?

Well, this seems to be due to the recent backlash from rapper Tyga after he released the music video for his song “Ay Caramba”.

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He could be seen dressed as what many called a stereotypical Mexican. He later apologized for the video on L.A. Leakers and American Cholo podcast, speaking: “I want to apologize to the Mexican community and my Mexican fans.

“I have a lot of Hispanic, Puerto Rican or Dominican fans who probably didn’t take offense at this video. But my Mexican fans in LA were definitely offended.”

Fans quickly took to Twitter to share that Eminem hasn’t received the same backlash for his music video in the past.

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One twitter user wrote: “Why doesn’t the Hispanic community resent Eminem doing this, huh?”

Other added: “I wonder why these people don’t demand an apology from Eminem.”

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Third said: “Invent a time machine and travel back and forth to any era and this shit is STILL not funny.”

Despite the belated reaction to Eminem’s music video, the rapper was nominated for a number of awards for the track at the time, including “Best Rap Video” at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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