People call this woman a jerk because she suggested that her future SIL ruined her chances in life by deciding to become a mother.

Perhaps one of the best ways to avoid being labeled a toxic person these days is to project your value judgments into situations where they are not needed. Such words are not good in themselves and even more so when you do not expect them.

What could be worse? Perhaps, expressing value judgments based on only a superficial acquaintance with a person, meeting them for the first time and, well, forming an opinion about them based on “collective images”. It’s interesting that when such words are deemed offensive, the people who utter them are sometimes genuinely concerned about what actually happened, because they allegedly didn’t offend anyone. wanted to do

A similar story happened with the lady who unknowingly pissed off her brother’s fiancee literally during their first date. gave Original postPosted on the AITA Reddit community, it received nearly 13.3K upvotes and over 4.6K comments, mostly condemning its author. Let’s take a closer look.

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The original poster has a brother who is engaged to a woman who already has a child.

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So, the original poster has an older brother, “Adam”, who about a year ago started dating “Michelle”, a woman two years his senior, who already has a child. According to OP’s own words, Adam and Michelle recently announced their engagement.

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When her brother brought his fiancee and her son to a family dinner, the woman told them she didn’t have a college degree, although she wanted to get more.

The OP says that he and Michelle have literally met a few times, but recently Adam invited his fiancee and her son to a family dinner. During the conversation at the table, the topic somehow turns to education, and Michelle admits that she does not have a college degree, although she would very much like to continue her education.

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However, according to Michel, this was difficult due to lack of resources and opportunities. For some reason, these words from her future sister-in-law seemed normal to the OP, and she said that Michelle, obviously, didn’t put much effort into getting more education after high school. .

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The OP told her that, in her own opinion, her future SIL didn’t have a college degree because she became a mother too soon.

The OP admitted that after saying this, Michelle stared at her as if she had just been told something really nasty. When asked for clarification on what that means, the OP said that there are so many college opportunities these days and one just needs to know how to use them.

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However, the OP continued that it was probably difficult for Michelle to devote time and resources to her education because she became a mother so soon. This time the future SIL didn’t hide her anxiety, and the OP already couldn’t stop. When Michelle asked why she felt that motherhood ruined her chances, the OP suggested that a woman should only look at herself from the outside.

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Fiance said he was happy to have a baby now, but OP didn’t believe him.

According to the OP, if Michelle were to compare her current position to herself if she hadn’t become a mother and had more opportunities to grow, she would surely understand what went wrong before. Michelle almost tearfully said that she was happy to have a baby, and that she was hurt by the OP’s words.

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That’s when Adam came back. Seeing his fiancée crying, he wanted to know what happened. When Michelle told him everything, the man left the house without saying anything, taking Michelle and her son with him.

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Outraged, OP’s brother left home with his family and later lashed out at his sister.

Later, according to the OP, her brother lashed out at her, saying that how Michelle lives her life and what she chooses is none of her business. The sister tried to justify herself and said that she was just stating her point of view. However, his mother also took her son’s side and demanded that the OP apologize to Michelle. In turn, the OP clearly refuses to understand exactly what he did wrong.

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Most people in the comments criticized the OP for being so aggressive as well

But most of the commenters slammed the OP, completely agreeing with her relatives. According to the people in the comments, the OP has absolutely no idea under what circumstances Michelle got pregnant, so it’s not for her to decide. And in general, a woman should be more supportive than so fair.

According to other commenters, the OP is acting like she lived a very sheltered life. He doesn’t need to judge other people just on the basis that everything has worked out for him so far. According to some, the OP should learn how to keep his rudeness and classist opinions to himself.

We’re sure you already have your own opinion on this story, so feel free to write it in the comments. And we’d also like to know what you think about balancing motherhood and education in the modern world. Comments, as always, are most welcome.

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