People discuss the free time of people who don’t have kids after a tweet about it went viral

In the old days, in many countries there was a tradition, and even an official rule, according to which, upon reaching a certain age, people who did not start a family or did not have children were subject to a special tax or paid fines. Today, our society has moved very far from such views, and sometimes family people envy their lonely friends.

Of course, we by no means want to say that family and children are bad. On the contrary, it is surprising, but let’s admit to ourselves – can a mother or father say that they have never dreamed for at least a couple of hours to return to their childless days? They definitely have.

Most recently blogger McErin wrote a tweet that literally confirms what we have already said. The woman is the only one in her office who is single and has no children, and when colleagues were discussing a bunch of family matters over the weekend, she simply told them that she went to the farmers’ market … and that’s it. As the original poster wrote, after her words, three of her colleagues gasped, and one even cried …

tweet almost immediately became viral, gaining 212.5 thousand likes and 10.1 thousand retweets. And, well, almost a thousand people decided to share similar stories from their own experiences.

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The original poster told his co-workers how easy it is to spend a weekend without the kids, to which there was a lot of backlash.

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Scientists say childlessness has three main benefits

In his article “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Childlessness” on Psychology website today, PhD. Ellen Walker lists three major benefits of childlessness. First, you have time for self-care and other relationships. Secondly, you can devote your time to a career or other interests that will help the world at large.

Finally, the world will become less crowded and resources less depleted. However, this position also has its drawbacks – it’s just that at certain moments the pluses are more noticeable.

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The OP claims that her initial tweet is nothing more than an attempt to take the situation with humor.

By the way, the original poster herself noted that her initial tweet should be taken as nothing more than an attempt to perceive the situation with humor. The fact is that, as is often the case on the Internet, a heated argument flared up in the comments between convinced childfree and adherents of traditional family values.

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In fact, every position in this discussion is worthy of respect – as long as it is politely uttered.

In fact, the most important thing here is to respect those who take one position or another, and try not to judge people just because their lifestyle or beliefs do not match yours. As one commenter wrote: “I love that I have a family, but I have full respect for those who do not want to have children.”

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The position of the childfree is sometimes still sharply criticized by relatives and friends.

Leslie-Ashburn Nardo, professor of psychology at Indiana University, co-wrote academic research exactly on this topic. “Compared to victims who chose to have two children, women and men who voluntarily had children were punished by the perceivers,” says Professor Nardo.

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“In particular, they were considered to lead less fulfilling lives than people who decided to have children,” says Nardo. “Moreover, their decision to forego parenthood, perhaps the most personal choice of human beings, caused moral outrage—anger, disgust, and disapproval.” In general, it is believed that the attempts of parents to fulfill themselves through their own children harm not only the kids, but also the parents themselves.

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By the way, sometimes it happens that people who decide not to have children become active pet lovers and even replace parental responsibilities with them. Sometimes this leads to funny situations – for example, as with this dog mom, the heroine of this post on And we, as usual, really appreciate your comments and your own stories on this topic.

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