People send this artist pictures of their pets and she Disneyise them (66 new photos)

It’s no secret that Disney cartoons and their heroes helped shape the lives of many. Some of the cutest animal characters with big eyes and kind smiles taught us how to be loving, generous and brave. So no wonder why so many people want to turn their furry friends into funny and colorful animated creatures. Luckily, there is an artist who makes this possible.

Isa Bredt, a 23-year-old painter from the Netherlands, is the author of the famous Instagram account called “Pet Designation”, Since 2014, she turns photos of people’s pets into Disneyesque pictures, and that’s a whole new level of cuteness.

We’ve collected some of the best pictures of cats, dogs, rabbits, and more that were taken into the world of animation. Keep scrolling, vote for your favorite and be sure to check out our previous posts about right here,

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