People were not happy to receive 66 gifts, as was shared for Jimmy Fallon’s new challenge.

Do you feel the spirit of the holiday? Now it’s time to take off your casual sweater, play Christmas music, and write a personal letter to Santa. You don’t want to get anything weird and useless this year, right? Unfortunately, most people find it difficult to find the perfect holiday gift for their loved ones. Even if you know them well, it’s hard to be creative and original every year.

So when Jimmy Fallon announced it. #WorstGiftEver Challenging, very funny stories started coming. From shower coffee makers and mop buckets to half full coloring books, everyone is better than the last. Just looking at them, you can’t help but scratch your head and try to figure out what was behind them.

Get ready to see some very interesting tweets. Bored panda Submitted from this Twitter thread. Scroll down, vote for your favorite, and make sure to share the worst gift you’ve ever received in the comments below!

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