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Vera Drew has withdrawn her film The Folk Joker from the Toronto Film Festival, festival organizers have announced.

“The director dropped this film due to rights issues,” the post reads. Official site TIFF is reading. “We apologize for any inconvenience. Current ticket holders will receive an email from TIFF Customer Service with information regarding their purchase.”

Warners did not respond to the comment. It is likely that the studio protected DC’s intellectual property in accordance with the copyright protection standard.

Drew, who wrote, directed and starred in the DC-inspired film, first hinted at the development of The People’s Joker in a post posted to her Twitter on Tuesday. “I have no idea how today goes and my team of course want me to say nothing so I’ll be vague…” she wrote. “But whatever happens in the next few hours, I want you to know… if you’ve been waiting and craving to see our film, you will soon. Stay with us. Need your help.

In The Folk Joker, an ambitious clown (Drew) struggling with his gender identity takes on a caped fascist crusader. UTA is presenting the rights to the film, which debuted on Tuesday as part of the Midnight Madness section of TIFF. While further screenings were scheduled, they have now been cancelled.

Check out Drew’s post hinting at the plight of the People’s Joker below.

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