Perry Mattfeld isn’t ready to say goodbye to puppy who played pretzel in the dark

Reflecting on her farewell to the cast and crew, Perrie Mattfeld couldn’t help but mention one of her closest co-stars. “Travel [played] Pretzel for the last three seasons, just him, and that meant I had to build an even closer relationship with him because it was just us.”

The actor even asked about the preservation of Trip, but not in the bones. Who could leave this face behind? She recalled the embarrassing moment, saying, “I politely asked its owners many times if they would let me go. because they obviously love him to death too.”

Like some of his co-stars, Trip is taking a break from the cameras and living his best dog life. “He is in Toronto and I see him every day. I will miss him very much,” Mattfeld added. “I promised myself and him that I would keep this relationship if it meant I had to fly across the country and spend the weekend with him, but now he is acting like a dog. Ontario, chasing birds and rolling on the grass. He deserves it too.” He certainly deserves it and will no doubt be delighted when Mattfeld comes to visit him.

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