Pete Davidson liked Slim the man who photographed him at the 9/11 Memorial.

Pete Davidson is seen at the 9/11 memorial honoring his father, who died as the first respondent during the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Comedian The site of the twin towers is pictured on a monument at the World Trade Center. At the time, Davidson’s father, Scott Matthew Davidson, was among the firefighters who responded to the attack.

Pete Davidson was seen at the 9/11 Memorial.

An anonymous user reached out to celebrity gossip page Dukes Moi. Photos by Davidson At the memorial on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the attack

“Pat Davidson pays tribute to his father at the 9/11 memorial

They included a photo of Davidson talking to people at the memorial.

One person wrote on ux deux.discussions, “I hope a lot of people didn’t shake him when he was there to honor his father.”

Despite the best intentions of the source, his post was fired back. Davidson’s fans, in fact, criticized the comedian for taking pictures in such a critical situation.

One person wrote, “Not sure what’s worse, the girl sent him to take a picture of him or someone who went to him and asked for a picture. Incredibly insulting, One person wrote.

“It’s too bad for me,” was another comment.

“Don’t take a cowardly picture of a celebrity all the time, it should be. He is there to honor his father and to comfort and console those who have lost a loved one. Sometimes we just call Has to be kept away. ” Another user noticed.

One fan said the source shouldn’t have just taken pictures of Davidson.

“It’s very offensive when he’s sad. Wrong wrong wrong. This person shouldn’t have taken the picture,” he wrote.

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Finding peace with strangers can be cathartic.

While the majority of people thought Davidson should have been alone that day, others thought that talking to strangers could be cathartic.

“I think it’s sweet,” one man wrote.

“Finding comfort from strangers who know and love you can be cathartic. If he doesn’t want to be upset, he won’t go. The stomach lives in isolation and it can be good for them to get love and help. Yes. Love him. He also looks happy.

“He said on a comedy show on MSG last night that he was tired and sad about 9/11. He wanted a party!” Another person wrote

Davidson has his father’s badge number tattooed on his left arm. Of SNL The star also celebrated his father. King of Staten Island. A play directed by Jude Apato and co-written by Davidson, Apato and Dave Cyrus.

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