Pete Davidson raps during a show with singer Jack Harlow after vacationing in the Bahamas with Kim Kardashian

Pete Davidson rapped on stage with his friend Jack Harlow during the singer’s show in Los Angeles on Saturday after returning from the Bahamas with girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

The SNL star and his new love interest enjoyed a tropical getaway, celebrating the new year together.


Pete rapped on stage at the Jack Harlow Show on Saturday.Credit: Instagram / Pete Davidson
He recently returned from the Bahamas with Kim.


He recently returned from the Bahamas with Kim.Credit: Instagram / @ angelinas_ristorante

Pete, 28, took his career to the next level after performing on stage with singer Jack Harlow on Saturday.

The comedian shocked fans when he grabbed the microphone and started rapping alongside the musician as his rivalry with former Kim Kanye West continues.

Humor showcased his prowess in a black crew-neck sweater and bright jeans, pacing the stage and reciting Jack’s words.

The crowd erupted into applause as he and the Industry Baby rapper hugged to end the show.


Pete’s new start follows his romantic getaway in the Bahamas with 41-year-old Kim as their relationship continues to heat up.

The couple shared their tropical getaway with a series of snapshots on their social media.

Heading to her Instagram stories on Friday, Kim first shared a video of a boomerang of water hitting sand on a gorgeous beach at a private resort in the Abaco Islands.

The next video showed a tiny pig running in the sand, followed by a photo of a deserted beach.

The mother of four also filmed a video of the water as she panned the beach.

Kim made sure to document the fun water slide sitting in the middle of the water, although she did it artfully without writing or sound.

Despite keeping a low profile during their trip to the Bahamas, Kim still showed off her bikini body in one selfie.

Thursday reality star shared a photo about myself, sunbathing on a sun lounger in a barely visible brown bikini.

Kim closed her eyes as she took the picture and listened to something through her headphones.

A copy of the magazine lay next to her in the picture she captioned: “Sweet sweet fantasy, baby.”

Earlier this week, the couple were seen boarding a private jet at a US airfield before heading to the tropics to begin 2022.


Their vacation came just months after their romance began when Kim and Pete worked together on Saturday Night Live in October.

While Kim continues to hang out with the comedian, her ex-husband, 44-year-old Kanye West, has also developed a new hobby.

Recently, the rapper was seen in the company of 31-year-old actress Julia Fox at a theater in New York and at a dinner in Miami.

The duo confirmed their up-and-coming relationship in a photo shoot for Interview magazine as they kissed and hugged in a restaurant booth.

Jealousy tactics

However, a source told Kristen Bell Tattoos that Kim is convinced that her ex’s public dates with Julia are “a desperate attempt to make her jealous.”

“Kim finds it funny that Kanye went from begging her to come back to showing his new girlfriend all over town in a few days.

“She knows it’s not serious, it’s just a typical Kanye joke,” the source explained.

“Kim thinks this is another desperate attempt to make her jealous. To be honest, she doesn’t care, she was very worried about him at that moment, so his little game doesn’t work.

“All she cares about right now about Kanye is raising their four children and making sure they have a happy life, that’s all.”

The crowd cheered as Pete tried out a new style of performance.


The crowd cheered as Pete tried out a new style of performance.Credit: Instagram / Pete Davidson
Kanye recently officially met actress Julia Fox.


Kanye recently officially met actress Julia Fox.Credit: INTERVIEW
Kim thinks her ex wanted to make her jealous


Kim thinks her ex wanted to make her jealousCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Kim Kardashian posts stunning personal photos from a Bahamas vacation with Pete Davidson after returning home to Los Angeles.

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