Piers Morgan criticizes Dan Walker as ‘dumb dumb’ as he rekindles feud

Pierce Morgan rekindled his ongoing feud with Dan Walkerthis time due to controversial national rail strikes.

TalkTV host and Sun columnist, 57, enjoyed a friendly rivalry with fellow journalist Dan, 45, but things seem to have gotten serious in a heated Twitter exchange.


Piers Morgan revived the rivalry with Channel 5’s Dan Walker.1 credit

It all started when Dan published an interview he took with railroad, shipping and transportation union boss Mick Lynch, who was at the forefront of the railroad strikes.

Dan captioned his interview: “We live in an age of sass, confrontational interviews and RMT, Mick Lynch has had several of these.

“If you treat people with respect, you can still ask tough questions and get decent answers, allowing your audience to make their own decisions.”

Pierce wasted no time poking fun at Dan and retweeted him, calling him “misguided.”

“Is there anyone on global television more misguided than Desperate Dan…the world’s most boring interviewer,” Pierce wrote.

Dan, unhappy with the retweet, replied, “Why is it ‘boring’ to let someone talk instead of yelling at them all the time?”

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Pierce then brought up the subject and referred to his infamous strike on Good Morning Britain last year.

“Man, I had to leave GMB because it was too exciting/dangerous,” Pierce replied.

“You had to leave the BBC because even by their standards you are a dumbass. But your bombastic lectures on how to give interviews are fucking ridiculous, I’ll tell you what.”

The couple’s ongoing feud stems from the fact that they both put on breakfast shows, with the couple regularly exchanging barbs on social media.

The star represented BBC Breakfast for six years after replacing Bill Turnbull in 2016.

He recently made a big-money move to news program Channel 5, which hosts his flagship news program as well as a number of other shows for the broadcaster.

Pierce launched his new show Piers Morgan Uncensored on TalkTV in April.

More recently, Dan ignited their feud when he appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss his move to the channel.

But the journalist was asked about his rivalries with former GMB host Pierce Suzanne Reid and Richard Madley, and later pretended to leave the studio, as Pierce had done the previous year.

Suzanne, 51, asked: “Would you have come to this show when the former host was there?”

Dan, 45, initially tried to evade the question before replying, “Of course I would.

“You know what he is. He is a troublemaker. But it’s nice to spend time with him.”

Pierce stepped down from GMB after a five-year partnership with Suzanne after refusing to apologize for sharing his take on Meghan Markle’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

He had a big on-air row with meteorologist Alex Beresford, whom he called an “idiot”.

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Pierce returned moments later to finish the show after a “time out”, but left the show at breakfast that evening.

He moved to TalkTV and now hosts his own show while writing a column for Kristen Bell Tattoos.

He called the former BBC presenter 'stupid' and 'misguided'


He called the former BBC presenter ‘stupid’ and ‘misguided’1 credit
Pierce and Dan have new jobs since they left the gigs that made them household names.


Pierce and Dan have new jobs since they left the gigs that made them household names.

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