Piers Morgan reveals he is still battling covid for a long time and is on medication after five months of being in bed

PIERS MORGAN has revealed that he is still battling covid for a long time, five months after the virus left him bedridden.

Former Good Morning Britain anchorThe 56-year-old, who had a double job at the time he contracted the disease, has said the outcome could have been much worse had he not been vaccinated.

Piers Morgan is on medication to relieve his chronic covid symptoms


Piers Morgan is on medication to relieve his chronic covid symptomscredit: Rex
Sky News' Rowland Manthorpe has had a long and protracted Covid battle


Sky News’ Rowland Manthorpe has had a long and protracted Covid battlecredit: Sky News

He shared that he is still overcoming the effects of the coronavirus in a Twitter exchange with Sky News Technology correspondent Rowland Manthorpe, 39.

Writing about his long Covid battle, Rowland posted: “Don’t like putting personal stuff on Twitter, but I’ve logged on after a while and a load of DMs are asking why I’ve disappeared , which is… a good question If you haven’t seen me lately it’s because I’ve had a bad case of covid for a long time. Eight months and counting :(.”

Pierce replied: “DM me… I’ve had the same one for 5 months but the new meds are cracking it.”

Over the summer, a month after falling ill, Pierce told fans: “A new cure – in addition to ongoing excruciating fatigue and an inability to taste alcohol, all coughing caused a ‘posterior vitreous detachment’ in my left eye.

“I see strange ghostly cobs floating around now. It’s really the virus that keeps on giving.”


A posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) is a condition where your vitreous comes away from the retina at the back of your eye.

PVD can cause sufferers to see floaters, or small dark spots or shapes, and flashing lights.


Pierce is convinced he was infected during the chaos at Wembley England’s shocking defeat to Italy Euro 2020 final on 11 July.

At first he had attacks of high fever, chills and a severe cough.

He first. was written in mail on sunday that on 16 July he suffered a “terrible night of high fever, cold sweats, severe coughing and sneezing, and strange pains throughout my body, none of which were helped by the very hot weather that turned my bedroom into a Saharan furnace.” Changed” .

A few days later he said that he was hit by a “sudden, brutal outburst of debilitating fatigue that left me flat in bed all day feeling like I had run away”.

until July 21 he was “Still flat-lined in bed”,

He wrote: “It’s been a week now and although the fever has been going on for a long time, the fatigue is overwhelming me like a tidal wave. I haven’t even read a newspaper since I developed symptoms, which is my Like it’s unprecedented for a news junkie.”

Pierce said the vaccine had saved her life, and her thoughts were with Derek Draper, the husband of former GMB colleague Kate Garraway – whose body was ravaged by the coronavirus last year.

He wrote: “Derek is three years younger than me and remains in a virtual coma for 15 months after being taken to hospital at the height of the first wave of the pandemic with headaches and breathing problems.

“Of course, the big and very lucky difference for me is that vaccines have been developed since then and I’m double-jabbed with Oxford/AstraZeneca.”

Pierce thinks he will be in Euro 2020.  contracting coronavirus in


Pierce thinks he will be in Euro 2020. contracting coronavirus incredit: Instagram
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