PinkPantheress won “BBC Sound Of 2022” previously won by Adele

PinkPantheress has been honored with the coveted “BBC Sound Of 2022” title. only 20 years old, praise previously won megastars Adele, Stormsey and Sam Smith.

Although the up-and-coming talent only started releasing music a year ago, it quickly became a viral sensation on TikTok, bringing two of her songs to the UK’s Top 40. In addition, the singer was delighted that the legendary band Coldplay performed a cover of her single Just For Me.


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The singer was first inspired to become a musician after seeing “Paramore” at the Reading Festival

The singer revealed that she was first inspired to become a musician after seeing Paramore perform at the Reading Festival. “I was 15, I was standing right by the barrier, and Hayley Williams looked like she was having a lot of fun. Then I realized that she was also paid! I thought, “I want to do this.” It changed my point of view. “

However, she kept her aspirations under wraps because “she didn’t want to tell anyone because she felt they would laugh at me, so it was hard in that regard.”

“But when I was a teenager working at the Cooperative, I was bored and I did nothing, the idea of ​​making music was the only thing that motivated me.”

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Her first taste of “TikTok” success was not because of her music, but because of Post Malone’s rather rude video.

Despite her purpose, her first experience of TikTok success was not really the result of her musical flair:

“I used to say to my friends, ‘I’m going to make a viral video.’ And I remember … I don’t really want to tell this story, it’s so embarrassing – but in general, I have a video of Post Malone signing autographs, and I said in a voiceover, “Oh my God, I just farted, I’m so it’s a pity!”

“It didn’t go viral, but it got 300,000 likes, and I thought, ‘Okay, this is doable, so why not apply it to something like music?’

After this taste of victory, PinkPantheress decided to start sharing their songs on the platform. ” I thought that if I try one song a day, the likelihood that one of them will do really well increases. And then if people liked something, I ended up writing a whole song. So yeah, it saved me a lot of time. “

In addition, speaking of the inspiration for her favorite songs, she said, “None of them are necessarily personal experiences. I study film, so I like to tell stories in a visual or sound way. I really love Eminem’s song Stan and the fact that it tells a story, so I try to do the same. “

“But people expect it to be autobiographical. I have been asked so many questions about my lyrics. I had worried people who actually asked me, “Are you okay?”

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