Pregnant Charlotte Crosby shows off her growing tummy in tight jumpsuit at her birthday party

Charlotte Crosby looked incredible as she went on a date to celebrate her birthday with boyfriend Jake Ankers.

Star Geordie Shore’s growing tummy was fully shown off in a form-fitting catsuit with translucent black and white panels that showed off her sexy curves.


Pregnant Charlotte Crosby looked incredible in a bodycon jumpsuit at her birthday party.1 credit

Charlotte let her long hair down and accessorized the outfit with sun-kissed make-up.

She wore a black handbag from her upcoming collection, while Jake opted for a more casual look in designer joggers and a black t-shirt.

“32 feels good ☺️🥰. Mom and dad 👫,” she signed the post on Instagram.

“The bag is a new @peppergirlsclub collection coming soon.”

Fans loved her sexy birthday outfit and congratulated her on her own brand.

“What a beautiful photo of mom and dad together, hope you have a wonderful birthday 🎂 I love your outfit,” commented one fan.

Jake Ankers, Charlotte Crosby's boyfriend, screams as he pierces her ear again
Pregnant Charlotte Crosby reveals baby's name

Another added, “Oh, love, love, love, love this…”

A third wrote: “You look GORGEOUS 😍”

Charlotte’s birthday celebration came after she announced that she had chosen a name for her baby.

She chose names for both a girl and a boy, but did not share them with fans.

Speaking last night on a YouTube Q&A, she explained, “I have a girl name and a boy name. I’m hard on names… I think.

“Definitely a boy, because he means a lot to us. He is really special. The girl’s name may change, but I don’t know.”

She then revealed that the first letters of her two favorite female names are A and H, before adding, “That’s all you get.”

Charlotte also revealed that she gave up olives as she became pregnant and could no longer see them.

And she said she’s having a hard time thinking about childbirth because she’s developed post-traumatic stress disorder from her near-fatal ectopic pregnancy.

Charlotte recently shared what it’s like to go through a “high risk” pregnancy.

Star Geordie Shore, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Jake Ankers, previously suffered an ectopic pregnancy in 2016 while she was in a relationship with Gaz Beadle.

Sharing the photos on Instagram, she wrote, “I’m holding my all-time favorite scan photo! Getting scanned was completely new for me, I was so nervous for so many reasons after my EP that I am at high risk of complications.

“BUT seeing a baby in the right place with a healthy beating heart on our first scan was nothing short of a miracle for me and my partner.

“I didn’t expect to see a lot of movement on our first scan, but the kid had other plans, he was like a little acrobat that was spinning and spinning and rolling, I was ecstatic!”

Charlotte has been open about her devastating first pregnancy in the past, raising awareness of the condition in the process.

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants outside the uterus.

Fertilization, when the sperm meets the egg, takes place in the fallopian tube, and usually the egg must travel to the uterus, where it is implanted.

In an ectopic pregnancy, a fertilized egg attaches itself to a place where it cannot grow.

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Last year, Charlotte vowed to remain single after breaking up with ex Liam Beaumont, but she didn’t expect to find love with Mancunian businessman Jake.

The couple officially announced their romance in January and she soon announced her children on social media.

The star was absent from a mom and dad party with boyfriend Jake Ankers.


The star was absent from a mom and dad party with boyfriend Jake Ankers.1 credit
Charlotte looked amazing in a jumpsuit with translucent panels.


Charlotte looked amazing in a jumpsuit with translucent panels.1 credit
Charlotte solemnly celebrated her 32nd birthday


Charlotte solemnly celebrated her 32nd birthday1 credit

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