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Pregnant Katherine Tildesley showed her bulge in a fun ‘tummy’ with her father

KATHERINE Tildsley shared an adorable photo of her posing with her dad, who had a belly after they enjoyed their Christmas holidays.

The former Coronation Street star is expecting her second child next year.


Ekaterina had fun with dadCredit: Instagram / @ auntiecath17
Ekaterina is pregnant with her second child


Ekaterina is pregnant with her second child

38-year-old Katherine laughed when she and her father showed off her growing bump in a cheerful “tummy.”

The star lifted her black tee as she chilled out on the couch in maternity jeans with her dad, who was also holding his belly.

She paid tribute to him with a sweet fast.

Catherine said, “Pure happiness. This photo with my dad Graham (aka G-Unit) is undoubtedly my favorite photo this Christmas.

“My parents are earthly angels.

“This man has dedicated his whole life to our family … and he is stupid as a damned brush! I love you, dad – I think you won the ‘Belly-off’ “

Katherine is the mother of six-year-old son Alfie and is expecting a girl – the second child from her husband Tom Pitfield.

Talking about the unforgettable experience of Made by Mammas PodcastThe soap lover remembered that Alfie was pregnant.

Ekaterina told the presenter: “It was a wonderful surprise. We got pregnant very quickly. We are very, very lucky. And I had a great pregnancy even in hindsight, especially when compared to this one, because this one is completely different. …

“Everything was great with Alifa. I was very tired in the first trimester, but I didn’t have a particular illness, he was 15 days late, which by that time … I had to crawl up the stairs because he was so busy. He was so low.

“I originally wanted a home birth, but of course, when you’re so late, they ask you to go to the hospital and they try to convince you.”

It was then that she explained that her hopes for a home birth in the “pool set up at the conservatory” had “vanished.”

Spiritual birth

She described how she encouraged her late grandfather to help her when suddenly during childbirth things got bad.

She said, “We were actually a little traumatized. At some point, things got pretty scary. His pulse dropped and for some reason I had an overwhelming fear of a caesarean section.

“I was just afraid of that. It is unknown, is it?”

“And at some point they said, ‘We’re going to prepare you for a caesarean section, his pulse is dropping.’

“I am quite spiritual, and at that moment I remember how I mentally prayed to my grandfather, whom we lost a few years ago, but he was my hero.

“And I said,“ Grandpa, I can’t do this. I can’t do a caesarean, please don’t let me do a caesarean, I’m terrified, ”and to be honest, two minutes later I said that I needed to push.

“And they’re like, ‘No, no, no, we just checked you out, you don’t have to push.” I said, “No, I do.” And I went from 2 cm to 8 cm. [dilated] instantly. “

She added, “I remember crying and said to Tom, ‘This is my grandfather.”

The actress is married to Tom Pitfield, they have a son, Alfie.
The actress is married to Tom Pitfield, they have a son, Alfie.
She is expecting a baby girl in April, but admits that her first birth was traumatic for her.
She is expecting a baby girl in April, but admits that her first birth was traumatic for her.
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