Pregnant Kylie Jenner shares a photo of her final wish after fans speculated she had her second child

Amid rumors that Kylie Jenner has given birth to her second child, the star shared a photo of her latest passion – Krispy Kreme donuts.

Since Christmas, there have been rumors of the beauty mogul’s second child.


Kylie Jenner shares her latest pregnancy aspirations amid speculation that she has already given birthCredit: Instagram
Reality star shares photo of stacks of Krispy Kreme donuts


Reality star shares photo of stacks of Krispy Kreme donutsCredit: Instagram / kyliejenner

On Tuesday, Kylie snapped a photo of stacks of Krispy Kreme donut boxes and shared it on her Instagram story.

In a caption, she said, “I told @krisjenner I wanted a crunchy cream and I woke up with it.”

The post says that Kylie is still pregnant with her second child, although fans believe she has already given birth.

The former Kardashian star has kept a low profile in the last months of her pregnancy.

On the very day she shared her latest pregnancy aspirations, she was spotted stepping off a private jet just off Palm Springs, wrapped in a blanket.

She was wearing black leggings and slippers, and she hid the rest of her body, especially her belly, with a large gray blanket.

Kylie was surrounded by members of her security team when she got off the $ 72 million plane.

She is joined by her mother, who has a home in Palm Springs.

Chris left it casual in a black and white sweatshirt and face mask.

Corey Gamble joined the duo in joggers and green sneakers.

Eagle Eye

Kylie’s fans are on the lookout for any “clues” she may have given birth to.

Last week, many thought they were spotting a big sale when they spotted the baby bottle on Travis Barker’s Instagram Story.

Rocker Blink-182 shared a photo of him watching the Grinch stole Christmas.

The photo turned out to be a half-filled bottle.

He was unable to explain who the bottle belonged to, and the fans’ imaginations ran wild.

A few days later, fans thought they saw another important clue after the manicurist revealed that Kylie had done a short French manicure.

The reality TV star has long, showy nails.

Lisa Cohn photographed Kylie’s nails on Instagram, writing, “Kylie Jenner chose a classic French manicure to celebrate the New Year.”

Fan comment on the post: “This is definitely ‘My nails will be born soon.”

Another intervened: “Yes! Assuming she helps change diapers and the like, long acrylics are like a scratch waiting in the wings. “

Kylie announced that she was pregnant back in August.

This is her second child with rapper Travis Scott.

They did not disclose Kylie’s due date, but a source previously told Kristen Bell Tattoos that she should be born in early 2022.

This time, Kylie spoke much more openly about her pregnancy.

She hid her pregnancy with her daughter Stormi for nine months.

Fans were looking for evidence that gave birth to Kylie


Fans were looking for evidence that gave birth to KylieCredit: INSTAGRAM
She is pregnant with her second child with Travis Scott.


She is pregnant with her second child with Travis Scott.Credit: Social Media – See Source.
The couple are the parents of daughter Stormi.


The couple are the parents of daughter Stormi.Credit: Social Media – See Source.
Pregnant Kylie Jenner frowns and shows off her bump in a rare video after little daddy Travis Scott’s return to social media

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