Prey star Amber Midthunder didn’t initially know she was auditioning for Predator

Amber Midthunder told us about a normal, fairly standard audition process that hid some important details of the project. “I auditioned in the usual way,” she explained. “An audition came to me and I didn’t know it was a Predator movie. I just knew it was a movie about a young Comanche woman set in the 1700s and that she wanted to be [Trachtenberg] was attached.”

10 Cloverfield Lane director Trachtenberg’s involvement – and love for the character – was enough to pique her interest at the time, despite not knowing a fairly important element of the story. “Dan is an incredible director, so that was enough for me to get interested,” she continued. “Then COVID happened and it disappeared and then came back after a while and again I didn’t know what it was.”

As things started picking up steam again, Midthunder finally discovered what the project really was, and that prompted a deep dive into all of Predator. and watched all the films.

Her first discovery? That the franchise is loaded with quotes and imagery that pervades everyday life. “It’s really infused with jokes that you hear or famous lines or memes or stuff like that and you don’t understand until you go back and watch it.” It is fitting that the audition process, like the extraterrestrial villain himself, was disguised.

“Prey” will debut on Hulu on August 5th.

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