Prey’s Predator took inspiration from classic sci-fi horror

Every film in the Predator franchise has reinvented the character in interesting and clever ways, and Prey is no exception. During a conversation with, director Dan Trachtenberg talked about the prequel having a practical Predator costume. “A couple of people went [the mechanisms in the mask]. There are two versions of the face,” said Trachtenberg.

The director went on to discuss how Predator actor Dane DiLiegro controlled the suit. “There was a stunt version that didn’t have any movement, it was a little, just a little safer for Dane, and there was another version that was just harder for Dane because it had all the animatronics in it.” Trachtenberg spoke of two suits available.

The director went on to discuss how this iteration of the creature was influenced by the Alien films, with which the Predator franchise has crossed paths on numerous occasions, most notably in the 2004 film Alien vs. Predator. Trachtenberg revealed, “One of the things we added to this movie that, oddly enough, wasn’t there, I don’t think they were in the other Predator movies, was stickiness. We’ve added some alien goo, the stuff we’ve seen [in] Alien films.

Purists may be put off by the fact that Prey introduces a new look for the Predator, but Trachtenberg thinks the decision makes the Predator even more intimidating. “So the lower jaws, the face and all that stuff got a lot more brutal and rough,” he said.

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