Price is the right prop that hosts always hide on stage

We are talking about the game “Plinko”, one of the most recognizable games in the series “The Price Is Right”. He first appeared on the show in 1983 (UPI) and is probably considered one of the most famous games of the show – Ranker it is currently considered the number one “Price Is Right” game of all.

If you are familiar with Plinko, then you know that it is a game of chance that depends on the force of gravity. After the actual price-guessing part of the game, players throw a chip at the top of the board and it falls down, bouncing on various pegs on the way down, and where it lands determines the prize. This is the basic idea, but from time to time the chip can get stuck on the pin. Instead of panicking and immediately going into a commercial break, the host of the show has a special prop for the occasion.

Hidden on CBS the website has a feature called “9 Price Secrets, Plinko Right”. One of these secrets is the hidden “Plinco wand” that Bob Barker hid on stage in case the chip got stuck. In this case, he used a stick to get the chip and the player got a second chance to throw it. Today, according to the article, host Drew Carey holds the same stick for the same purpose—all to make sure every Plinko game runs as smoothly as possible.

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