Prince Andrew exposed, court claims to know Virginia Giuffre was sexually exploited

Prince Andrew was accused of knowing that his alleged victim Virginia Giuffre was sexually exploited during his trial.

Prince Andrew accused of human trafficking for the sexual exploitation of Virginia Giuffre

Prince Andrew was accused of knowing that his alleged victim Virginia Giuffre was sold for sexual exploitation during the hearing about whether the case against him will be brought to court. Andrew reportedly sexually assaulted Giuffre three times when she was just 17, while he was on the private island of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

At the trial, Andrew Brettler, the Duke’s legal representative, told the judge: “She [Giuffre] claims that Prince Andrew knew she was being sold. ”


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Andrew’s own lawyer accuses him of the same venture as Jeffrey Epstein

“She claims that she was sold to several different categories of persons, including royalty, academia, businessmen. These people would be part of the same enterprise. ”

“Not that she was claiming that it was some kind of secret trafficking arrangement.”

Andrew’s involvement with the One Venture is significant as his team is currently fighting to get his case closed due to the terms of the agreement that Giuffre signed with Jeffrey Epstein in 2009.

The contract that resulted in Giuffre’s compensation in the amount of $ 500,000 includes a clause confirming the victim agreed to “release, justify, satisfy and release forever” Epstein and “any other natural or legal person.”

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Andrew’s team claims Giuffre signed an agreement in 2009 preventing her from pressing charges against him

Brettler announced that this “exempts Prince Andrew and others from any alleged liability arising out of the claims Ms Giuffre makes here against Prince Andrew.”

While dismissing the case will not clear the Duke’s name, it will prevent an aggressive lawsuit that will not only tarnish Andrew’s reputation further, but also damage the reputation of the entire British monarchy.

This was announced by the royal expert Robert Lacey. “The prospect that Virginia Giuffre’s charges against a senior member of the Windsor family will be made public in court and reported to the world is simply unimaginable from the point of view of the royal family, and I’m very confident that some sort of settlement will be reached. court “.

Trial or not trial, many believe that the charges against Andrew will forever end the prince’s royal career. Publication Marie Claire reported that the source shared:

“Even if Andrew is fully exonerated for any wrongdoing, he is now considered toxic. It is expected that he will act with dignity and retire. ”

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