Prince Andrew has settled a $ 8.9 million debt, but may be stripped of royal titles anyway

Prince Andrew has finally paid off his $ 8.9 million debt to the 74-year-old French socialite, but that will do little to improve his position in the monarchy.

Prince Andrew has settled a $ 8.9 million debt, but may be stripped of royal titles anyway

While Prince Andrew is certainly not thriving at the moment, he finally succeeded paid off his $ 8.9 million debt to French socialite Isabelle de Rouvre. He has little time to celebrate, however, as he is currently holding his breath as he awaits the decision of American Judge Kaplan on whether his sexual assault case will go to trial – a prospect that will prove disastrous not only for Andrew, but also for monarchy.

After the duke’s debts are finally wiped out (at least with the Ruvre), he can embark on his attempt to sell his Swiss chalet for $ 23 million, a sale that is integral to his livelihood now that the queen is like reportedly put an end to the secret drain of money. millions to his legal defense fund.


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Rumors suggest the prince may be forced to forfeit his royal titles

However, royal money is not the only thing Andrew could be blocked from, as rumors circulate that he may also be forced to forfeit his royal titles. Virginia Giuffre’s accusations of sexual assault against the prince damaged the monarchy’s reputation. ‘#abolishthemornachy’ trending Twitter shortly after the case became known.

This was stated by Nigel Cawthorne, author of Prince Andrew: Epstein, Maxwell and the Palace. “Buckingham Palace’s careful and critical look at the titles of Prince Andrew, including His Royal Highness, is long overdue.”

“It is debatable whether this report has not waited too long to draw enough distance between the prince’s poor friendships and the palace’s own inaction due to disturbing headlines for fifteen years.”

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Royal Insider Says Andrew “Now Considered Toxic”

Such beliefs were shared by a royal insider, who stated: “Even if Andrew is fully exonerated for any wrongdoing, he is now considered toxic. It is expected that he will act with dignity and retire. “

Andrew’s defense lawyers are currently struggling to dismiss his case, arguing that Giuffra is no longer allowed to prosecute the attackers legally after accepting $ 500,000 in compensation from the late Jeffrey Epstein. That The agreement signed by both parties in 2009 stated that …

“Release … and permanently release … third parties and any other person or entity that could be included as a potential defendant … from all and all claims and actions of Virginia Roberts, including at the state or federal level, reasons and the grounds for the claim. “.

Although, even if the prince manages to get his resignation through the courts, this will not help appease the public’s anger about the accusations – his name will not be cleared, the only thing that will be achieved is legal exemption from liability. …

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