Prince Andrew May Lose Title As Queen Prepares For Possible Backlash

The Queen is in the line of fire with her son, Prince Andrew, who faces reckoning. And the reaction could be overwhelming.

In describing Prince Andrew and his many, many adversities, the main thing is that every time you might think that for the constantly fighting royal family, things hit rock bottom, and then blam! Some new plot breaks, and things look even more catastrophic to him at the Hindenburg level.

Having lost in the last two years in the most dizzying way his reputation, social position, ties to charity, status as a working member of the royal family and freedom to associate with as many Central Asian billionaire despots as he can squeeze into. living room at Buckingham Palace, things in the former naval department just got worse.

I know. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

This week, a civil case brought against Andrew by former teen sex trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre, who claims she was sexually abused three times by the Queen’s second son (a charge he vehemently denies), will be returned to a judge in New York. … as his highly professional team of lawyers filed a motion to dismiss.

While we will have to wait and see how Presiding Judge Lewis Kaplan decides, the last week has been an extremely unfortunate one for Andrew’s team, which, in addition to his immediate family, seems to be made up entirely of lawyers charging hourly wages. …

His ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of trafficking in underage girls for the purpose of sexual exploitation on Thursday last week, a blow to his own legal perspective. . in retrospect now isn’t it?)

During the Maxwell trial, the court heard that Andrew flew the Lolita Express, Epstein’s private jet, and that Estein and Maxwell’s Little Black Book had 16 different phone numbers for the Duke, including his mobile, as well as Balmoral and Balmoral numbers. … Sandringham, the Queen’s two private estates.

Finding Maxwell guilty could also undermine Andrew’s team’s attempts to portray Ms. Giuffre as an unreliable witness.

Although Madame Giuffre was not called as a witness, one royal assistant said: V Telegraph: “The jury said that these women are trustworthy, their testimony is reliable.

“If the jury decided they were telling the truth, it would give her story a significant boost.”

Elsewhere, a motion by Andrew’s lawyers to terminate the proceedings on the basis of the jurisdiction, that is, the place of residence of Ms Giuffre, was rejected.

And then his legal team testified that there were no witnesses to back up his claim that he was at the suburban Pizza Express on the night that Ms Giuffre claims she had sex with the royal family for the first time, and that there are no documents supporting his claim that he cannot sweat – a strange statement he made to further challenge Ms. Giuffre’s account.

But bad news for the toxic HRH continues to come as it is now revealed that the royal aides are considering essentially stripping Andrew of his York title and sending him into further “exile” if Ms. Giuffre wins her case.

V Once reported that courtiers “were discussing plans to ask the Duke of York to stop using his title” if Ms. Giuffre took over in their courtroom.

“If he loses the case, the question arises: what will you do with him?” This was announced by a source familiar with the discussion. “You cannot force him to resign as if you made a normal person, but he will be asked to temporarily postpone his dukedom.”

Another idea, reportedly on the table, is that Andrew will be sent into something called “internal exile” and also forced to give up charitable connections that he still has (why any organization for – will still want to be connected with him, completely outside of me).

What makes this all particularly noteworthy is that the very fact that there is already talk of what action the Palace will take if Andrew is defeated is the first real sign that the dearest mom may no longer be willing to fully defend her son from enemies. ongoing damage to the royal family and the crown.

Per V Once“While no firm decisions have been made, royal officials acknowledge that action will need to be taken to isolate the monarchy.”

While all of this would be humiliating and likely undermine the ego of a person who (before the fall) behaved with the inflated conceit of an arrogant Napoleon, the question is, is this even remotely sufficient punishment?

Or would such a move simply be too small and too late to stop the reputational rot that Andrew has caused the monarchy?

But it wasn’t just the Duke’s behavior that had a bad effect on the House of Windsor. Unfortunately, so are the Queens.

Ever since the infamous photograph of Andrew, Miss Giuffre and Maxwell first appeared in 2011, Her Majesty has defended him at almost every turn and has used the full power of her position to protect him.

In 2011, after the photo was published, she awarded him the Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, the highest personal honor she can bestow, in a symbolic gesture of support that is exactly the opposite of public opinion.

Then, a few days after Epstein’s death in 2019, she took Andrew to church with (very foolishly, in my opinion) maternal approval.

Even in 2021, Her Majesty made it clear that she wanted him to retain his prestigious military positions. Last September, when American lawyers tried to serve him the papers, he fled to his mother’s Scottish hideout, Balmoral, to try and evade them.

Even if the Queen finally steps up and – if Andrew loses – forces him to postpone his York title, would that actually counteract, perhaps irreparable damage, not only to Andrew, but also to the way Her Majesty handled the situation?

Or does it all seem too small and too late?

Time and again, the palace took steps to ensure that the Duke of York (let’s use that title while we still can, huh?) Was not forced to face the brunt of the consequences of his morally deprived actions in a doomed attempt to maintain his crumbling reputation.

Time is up, boy.

(To be clear, Andrew was never charged with any crime, and there was never any indication that he could have been.)

And it looks like it’s time for Andrew to hide behind his mom’s skirts, designed by Angela Kelly, who, based on this Once the report seemingly finally considers the possibility of demonstrating some iota of leadership on this front.

However, I am not sure that the queen pressured him to stop using his York title and forbid him to ride in uniform on the balcony of Buckingham Palace (or what it actually means “internal exile” there) will be enough to magically make the public forget about their mistreatment of all this.

It just isn’t right for me that the queen has called for the influence and splendor of the throne to try to save the skin of a man who, even if nothing else, saw fit to spend five days in the home of a registered sex offender. …

That Her Majesty did this at a time when worries about fueling republican sentiment in the corners of her overseas possessions are causing serious concern is telling. Seemingly children before the Commonwealth.

Maternal dedication is one thing, but sacrificing the institution that you have defended your entire life for the sake of a son who has shown a lack of moral character? She can only blame herself for any backlash she may encounter.

When it came to Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Her Majesty acted with a certain ruthlessness, defending the monarchy at all costs.

Andrew, by contrast, did not adhere to any even remotely similar standards, which continued to discredit the palace.

(Princes Charles and Andrew were said to have been deeply involved in the decision to have Andrew forced to leave as a working member of the royal family in the days following his death Newsnight interview at the end of 2019. I have often wondered if the Queen would have taken such a drastic step if it had been left to her discretion. Unfortunately, I think not.)

Now the queen can pay a very high price for her choice, both literally and figuratively.

This is a ninety-year-old ruler who reportedly collected very large legal bills for his erring son, paying for the expenses of his A-list defense teams in both the US and the UK, likely to cost her millions of pounds. Things can become even more valuable to her if Giuffre wins the case (she demands indefinite damages).

Given Andrew’s dire financial situation (he and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York are still trying to unload their Swiss ski chalet, and the former owner claims they still owe her $ 9.2 million), Her Majesty. she may have to stick her hand in her pocket to receive the amount that the judge can award Ms. Giuffra.

Further, if Judge Kaplan denies Andrew’s rejection petition this week, the queen’s position will look even grimmer.

If the case continues, the palace will now face off against other members of the royal family, potentially including the Duchess of Sussex and daughters Andrew, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who will be ousted along with its former security officers.

Plus, key dates for the trial, which is likely to take place in the second half of the year, are set for May, June and July, which is a great feature during the climax of her Platinum Anniversary celebrations.

According to a former attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) who said V Telegraph“If she flips, she flips now.”

If there ever was a time when Andrew could miraculously regain his ability to sweat, it should be now. And for the Queen? Unfortunately, the same can be said for Her Majesty.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience with a number of leading Australian publications.

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