Prince Andrew’s children may be subject to forced interrogation on camera for upcoming trial

U.S. Judge Lewis Kaplan has dismissed Prince Andrew’s bid to block his sexual assault case from going to trial, a decision that reportedly could now see the Duke’s royal family involved in legal proceedings. According to Mirror, Andrew’s eldest daughter Princess Beatrice and ex-wife Sarah Ferguson face the prospect of being cross-examined on camera from outsideone of America’s worst lawyers.”


On the popular British TV show good morning britain, Kate Garraway and royal correspondent Jenny Bond discussed the implications of Andrew’s legal battle for his two daughters. Beatrice, 33, and Evgenia, 31.

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Andrew’s daughters Beatrice and Eugenia are said to be ‘extremely distressed’

Host Garraway was sympathetic: “It all seems very uncomfortable, and in fact I sympathize with his daughters. It’s very, very difficult for them, isn’t it?”

To which Bond replied, “I think you’re right in pointing out Beatrice and Eugenie, they are said to be very upset about everything that’s going on, and what daughter wouldn’t be like that?”

“And also the queen, this is a humiliating, embarrassing, 95-year-old lady, supposedly forced to confront her 61-year-old son, her beloved son, and say: “Are these sexual accusations true?”

Continuing with the queen theme, Jenny stated, “It’s so embarrassing, but of course she needs to know the truth, because if she’s going to support him, which I’m sure she wants as a mother, and if she goes for it, then will be a multi-million dollar deal, whether it is settled in court or out of court, she needs to know the truth.”

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US Judge Lewis Kaplan disagreed with Andrew’s argument that the deal Giuffre signed with Epstein allows the prince to be off the hook.

Referring to his decision to deny Attorney Andrew Brettler’s motion to dismiss the case because of a clause in an agreement that alleged victim Virginia Giuffre signed with Jeffrey Epstein in 2009, Judge Kaplan stated that it was clear that the parties intended the document “immediately”, “primarily” or “essentially” in favor of Prince Andrei.

“The existence of a necessary intent to benefit him or others comparable to him is a matter of fact which cannot properly be decided on this motion, even if the defendant falls under an exemption language that is itself ambiguous.”

“Thus, whether or not the wording of the exemption applies to Prince Andrew, the agreement, at a minimum, “reasonably allows for more than one interpretation of the equally important question of whether this defendant may invoke it.”

So far, Buckingham Palace has refused to comment on the fanfare, saying: “We will not comment on what is an ongoing legal matter.”

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