Prince Andrew’s Sexual Assault Case Gains Royals Defense –

The way the palace is handling Prince Andrew’s civil case, in which he is accused of raping Virginia Roberts Giuffre after he was sold to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, should get the attention of every royal observer. Not only because of the horrific accusations against the Duke of York, but the way the royal family chooses and chooses how they deal with every scandal that comes their way.

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It is hard not to dispute the fact that Prince Harry lost his honorary military ranks, which he was very proud of after serving in the army, for leaving his leadership position and moving to the United States, but Andrew, who no longer has a public role in the royal family, still retains the military ranks assigned to him, which, according to New York Times… Why did the palace prefer Andrew over Harry? Well, Andrew has always maintained his royal legacy because his privilege has protected him (for the moment). Harry chose to side with his wife, who found that the restrictions of the royal family were detrimental to her well-being, so losing those titles was part of the punishment.

And do we even dare to touch upon Prince William’s alleged connection with Rose Hanbury? This story was buried by the British press, so she will never see the sun – although there is enough evidence to suggest that the Duke of Cambridge had some kind of inappropriate relationship with his wife’s friend Kate Middleton. As heir to the throne, he gained the upper hand on his ancestry, but again, Harry’s titles are being taken away from him.

It’s not really sensational news, Harry and Meghan Markle said it during a 2021 sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey, but the royals are offended when it’s true. And the hypocrisy of the royal family grows more intense as the case of Prince Andrew heats up. The Duke of York asks the judge to dismiss the case, using every legal trick he and his lawyers can think of, to the point of stating that Giuffre was vague about his claims against the royal family. Judge Lewis A. Kaplan did not understand how “Involuntary intercourse” can be confusing, but Prince Andrew’s team of lawyers are trying to exhaust all loopholes in order to get out of a very dangerous case.

It sheds light on how the royal family applies some rules to the privileged few, while others (ahem, Harry and Meghan) bear the brunt of the punishment. You don’t have to love the way the Sussexes chose to arrange their departure, but you can’t deny that Andrew is being pampered outside the palace walls.

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