Prince Andrew’s sexual assault charges: lawyers say six witnesses could tie the royal family to his accuser

Prince Andrew’s sexual assault prosecutor’s lawyers have outlined what Ghyslaine Maxwell’s conviction means for the royal family – and it doesn’t look good.

Prince Andrew’s sexual assault prosecutor’s lawyers say they have six witnesses to say the two met – as they called Ghyslaine Maxwell’s conviction “ominous” for the royal family.

David Boyes encouraged Andrew to “take responsibility” for his alleged actions as he outlined what Maxwell’s guilt could mean for Virginia Giuffre’s sexual assault lawsuit against him. The sun reports.

US District Judge Lewis Kaplan, sitting in New York, will decide on Tuesday whether Ms. Giuffre’s civil action for unspecified damages against the Duke of York can be brought to trial.

This came when her lawyers made eight “disclosure requests” to the Duke in preparation for a possible longer hearing, including evidence of his Newsnight claim that he cannot sweat.

Giuffre, 38, said in a 2019 interview that the prince was “drenched in sweat” at the club at night, she claims they had sex.

She claims to have been sold to the Duke in 2001 at the age of 17 and abused in London, New York and the Caribbean.

Duke denies having any sexual relationship with her and stated on the BBC. Newsnight that he could not remember meeting her.

Yesterday he was seen for the first time after Maxwell’s trial, driving with a bodyguard towards Windsor Castle.

He is home alone after Fergie’s ex-wife and his two daughters went skiing.

V The sunIn an interview, Mr. Boyce accused the royals of making dull comments about their client that “smell like despair.”

He said: “Maxwell tried it with very experienced, expensive and very aggressive lawyers and it totally failed.

“This is an ominous sign for Prince Andrey. His script was the same as Maxwell’s – accuse, shame, deny, deny, deny.

“I think if he was ready to take responsibility, it would help in many ways to settle the claims.

“He is where he is because of his utterly deaf … thoughtless attacks on the character and authority of brave, courageous and devoted young women.”

Mr Boyce said several witnesses were willing to say that Duke and Jeffrey Epstein, a survivor of abuse, Ms Giuffre were dating. He said, “We have four, five or six witnesses who will tie them together.”

Among them is 41-year-old Florida hairdresser Joanna Sjoberg. She claimed that the 61-year-old prince touched her chest while he was having fun with Miss Giuffre at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion with a latex puppet posing as himself.

Ms. Giuffre’s lawyers also obtained testimony from Steve Scully, who worked for Epstein.

He says he saw the Duke and Miss Giuffre kissing on Epstein’s private island.

Mr. Boyes said his team could get Maxwell’s youngest victim, “Jane,” to testify.

She was 14 when she was courted by a British socialite and told in court that she flew on Epstein’s plane, dubbed the Lolita Express, with Prince Andrew.

Boyce, 80, spoke of the evidence his team has against the prince, including an infamous photo of him with Miss Giuffre when she was 17.

He said: “If Prince Andrew judges even a little, he will understand that an idea that you can deny, as evidenced by numerous witnesses, which photographs show, which in-flight magazines show … the idea that you can blame and shame the victim to distract her. attention to one’s own behavior does not work. “

Mr Boyes added that Ms Giuffre was “thrilled” by Maxwell’s verdict last week.

Maxwell faces up to 65 years in prison after being convicted of five counts of caring for girls for a child trafficking network for the sexual exploitation of Epstein’s former lover.

Epstein, 66, was found hanged in prison while awaiting trial.

One count was based on Ms. Giuffre’s testimony that Maxwell had hired and looked after her.

Mr. Boyce said, “Confirmation of the jury’s verdict was all Virginia had hoped for and aspired to.

“It’s been almost eight years since she walked into my office and said she wanted to bring Epstein and Maxwell to justice. It was an extremely difficult path. “

He added: “In addition to the sexual abuse she suffered, she suffered for years from media bullying by Epstein, Maxwell and people like… Prince Andrew, who tried to blame and shame her.

“They claimed that she made it all up – she just needed money and publicity.

“For the jury to finally reject these arguments and believe in the evidence that Virginia was a victim of human trafficking is a kind of excuse that not only brings her personal satisfaction, but also helps to justify what she went through.”

He spoke when his firm presented legal documents requiring proof of the prince’s wrongdoing. Newsnight claim that he cannot sweat.

This is one of eight requests from the Duke of York.

The newspapers ask for all documents concerning his “presumed health condition: anhidrosis, hypohidrosis, or your inability to sweat.”

Prince Andrew ordered to provide evidence

They ask the Duke for any evidence he may have about a visit to The Tramp, a Mayfair club where Miss Roberts claims they danced on the night she claims they had sex.

The prince claimed on Newsnight that he was at a pizzeria in Woking, Surrey, when he was supposed to be with Miss Giuffre. He was asked to provide evidence.

The Queen’s second son was also asked to talk about his correspondence with Maxwell and Epstein on the topic of abuse or “the royal family’s sexual relationship with someone.”

In another court document, Boyce criticized the Duke’s responses to their requests.

The royal team rejected them, stating that they are protected from disclosure by privacy rights under the US Constitution and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Mr. Boyes said: “Based on his responses to the discovery, Prince Andrew appears to have already determined that he does not have documents to answer most of the requests.

“If Prince Andrew really has no paperwork regarding his association with Maxwell or Epstein, his trip to Florida, New York or other places in London, his alleged medical inability to sweat, or anything that might support the alibi he gave during an interview with the BBC, further discoveries will not be burdensome for him. “

Andrew’s lawyers said that some of the requested documents are already publicly available.

Prince Andrew, meanwhile, was hit yesterday when his petition to bring Ms. Giuffre to bear was rejected by Judge Kaplan, who cited his already “extensive” requests for information.

His lawyers said they needed to determine whether Ms. Giuffre lived in Australia, where she is now, or in the United States.

The prince’s lawyers argued that if not in the US, the court may not have jurisdiction over her case.

This article first appeared on The sun and was reproduced with permission

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