Prince Andrew’s titles stripped: Piers Morgan warns after Queen revokes royal honors

British TV presenter Piers Morgan issued a dire warning to Prince Andrew after the Queen stripped him of his royal titles before a trial.

Piers Morgan warned Prince Andrew that “it will be much worse” after the “complete humiliation” of the Queen, who stripped him of his titles.

The 56-year-old British TV presenter warned the Duke not to continue to “block his path from responsibility” amid growing anger over Virginia Giuffre’s sexual assault lawsuit. The sun reports.

Andrew, 61, was stripped of his royal titles and all military honors today after a confrontation with the queen.

The move comes after Andrew’s lawyers failed to persuade a US judge to dismiss a civil lawsuit against him that accuses him of sexually abusing Ms Giuffre when she was 17, which he vehemently denies.

In a harsh tweet, Pierce said: “Total humiliation for Andrew, but he has only himself to blame – and it will be much worse if he continues to try to insulate himself from any responsibility regarding serious allegations against him and his relationship with Epstein/Maxwell.”

This is not the first time the ex good morning britain the host took a stab at the royals by taunting Andrew after he has to fight off a sexual assault lawsuit, joking that he “probably found himself able to sweat”, referring to earlier claims by Andrew’s defense that he didn’t sweats.

In another hit, Pearce said, “Will the vile sex trafficker Ghyslaine Maxwell now sing like a canary so she doesn’t spend the rest of her life in prison? If she does, many rich, powerful and famous people will be sweating tonight… and not sweating.”

This was reported by a source sun online that the duke had sworn to defend himself against the accusation.

They said: “Given the firmness with which Judge Kaplan met our arguments, we are not surprised by the decision.

“However, this was not a judgment on the merits of Ms Giuffre’s allegations.

“This is a marathon, not a sprint, and Duke will continue to defend himself against these claims.”

Andrew was expected to agree to an out-of-court settlement with Ms. Giuffre. It was understood that he had to pay $19 million from the sale of his Swiss chalet to make this possible.

Legal experts say it’s his “least worst case” after a US judge ruled that sexual assault claims should go to trial.

As part of a full civil jury trial, Andrew was cross-examined about his sex life, ties to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, and asked what exactly he had done to his accuser.

The Duke of York may be asked about the most intimate parts of his body, Epstein’s victims’ lawyer said.

Also possible are affidavits from Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and daughters Beatrice and Eugenia.

But a new statement from our source suggests that, at least for now, the Duke is going to fight it rather than agree.

Announcing Andrew’s stripping of his title, Buckingham Palace said in a statement: “With the approval and consent of the Queen, the Duke of York’s military affiliation and royal patronage have been returned to the Queen.

“The Duke of York will continue to assume no public duties and will defend the matter as a private individual.”

According to the source, the decision was “widely discussed within the royal family” and all of his titles were returned with immediate effect.

Over time, they will be redistributed among other family members, according to a royal source.

The Duke has always vehemently denied all allegations leveled against him and denied ever meeting his accuser in a 2019 BBC interview about the car crash.

During the interview, he also bizarrely stated that he was medically unable to sweat and that he was at Pizza Express at the time of Ms. Giuffre’s statements.

Duke said newsnightEmily Maitlis, who was “gunned” while serving as a helicopter pilot during the Falklands War, gave him an illness called anhidrosis.

He claims that the “special medical condition” means that he could not sweat normally at the time and could not “sweat profusely” as Ms. Giuffre claimed.

His current predicament stems from his controversial friendship with the pedophile Epstein, who Giuffre claims introduced her to the royal family.

She accused Epstein of rape and sued him, but reached an out-of-court settlement in 2009 in which she was paid $500,000 in exchange for dropping the case.

At this stage, it is not clear whether Andrei will testify in person, via video link, or will refuse to participate.

Ms Giuffre alleges that Epstein and Maxwell sold her to be abused by Andrew after meeting him at a nightclub in London.

She was allegedly taken back to Maxwell’s townhouse where she was forced to have sex with a member of the royal family, who was 41 at the time.

Andrew categorically denies all allegations against him, and also claims that he was not aware of any wrongdoing by Maxwell and Epstein.

This story originally appeared on The sun and reproduced with permission

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