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Like many longtime fans of the royal family, we’re looking forward to the release of Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir. Of course, not everyone is looking forward to the Duke of Sussex’s upcoming speech. Following reports that Buckingham Palace is preparing to go on the offensive after the memoirs are released later this year, a royal insider revealed that Prince Charles tried to talk to Harry about the contents of the memoirs and the meeting didn’t go well.

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Before the Invictus Games a few months ago, the Prince of Wales tried to get any details from his son regarding the long-awaited memoirs, but to no avail. “We know that Prince Charles spent very little time with his son Prince Harry,” said royal expert Neil Schon. Express. “Charles wanted to talk one on one, but it ended up being a very short meeting,” he continued.

“According to a very good source, allegedly Prince Harry refused to reveal anything about his upcoming memoir to Prince Charles.” With major events such as Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s 75th birthday taking place this year, Charles was eager to know any details about his son’s memoir. “Charles doesn’t want any negativity,” Sean said. “According to this good source, Harry refused to talk about what he wrote in his book and how it ends. It’s been pushed back and Charles will have to wait and see, as will the rest of us.”

Sean also revealed his theory as to why Harry and company don’t share details about the book – even with his own family. “The fact that they remain so quiet means there must be some big statements in the memoir,” Sean mused. “Charles then froze his youngest son with a very short meeting. He wanted to have a mature, grown-up conversation about what the book would contain and whether the royals should be worried about anything.”

We’ve known for over a year that whatever Harry says is just around the corner. With the upcoming release date getting closer and closer, it’s no wonder the royal family is on their toes. But as Sean said, it looks like they’ll just have to wait and see what the memoir contains, like the rest of the public.

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