Prince Harry’s Secret Phone Calls to the Queen Reveal the Sad Truth About His Place in the Royal Family

Here’s one particularly random question I’ve been wondering this week: What did they do with the Queen’s cell phone?

I know, I know, the image of a 96-year-old woman’s fingers swiping across the screen of an iPhone 8 is hard to line up, but Her Majesty reportedly did have a smartphone of some sort.

(Although earlier this year, she was photographed during her weekly audience with then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson using a rotary phone, which fell out of fashion when Richard Nixon was still a hot new item in Washington.)

So, through her cell phone, or, say, through that bulky landline that Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex used to call his grandmother in the early days after Megzit?

Thanks to Richard Kay who wrote in daily mailwe now know that even after Harry and his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, departed in 2020 in search of greener pastures and bank accounts, he remained in touch with Her Majesty… at least for a while.

Kay writes: “The Queen’s staff told me how, in the early days of Harry’s exile in America, the Queen excitedly answered his phone calls. Over time, this changed, and later she became puzzled by Harry’s complaints.”

It’s a fascinating and poignant insight into the Duke’s evolving relationship with his family, but as the UK slowly returns to normal after the end of the official period of mourning and dust settles on the Sussexes’ most important trip to the UK since their departure, the question arises. How are the couple and his family doing?

Have the unexpected and deeply emotional events of the past 12 days redrawn the personal map here? Did family sadness and loss spark any movement when it came to the Sussex-Windsor Great Divide?

Unfortunately, for all optimists, the events of this week have put a grim end to that.

Take, for example, the lack of a repeat of the scene we saw in April 2021 after Prince Philip’s funeral, when Princes William and Harry staged their own PR pas a deux, as it turned out, for the cameras.

However, they managed to strike up small talk as they walked back up the hill from St George’s Chapel to Windsor Castle without descending to hair pulling and managed not to frown in each other’s company.

No matter how sincere or not the moment was, the men clearly cared about putting on a show.

Less than 18 months later, at their grandmother’s funeral, the absence of any re-performance seemed to reflect the extent of the disintegration of the once-close bond between the brothers.

The same goes for Kate and Megan, who, as far as I have seen, have not exchanged a single word with each other.

For images of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex taken at the time of the funeral would seem to show that they are often separated from the rest of the Windsors, standing to one side or behind. You don’t have to be one of the retinue of body language “experts” that show up at moments like this to decipher how icicle-like things are.

As the Sussexes are reportedly set to return to California on Wednesday Sydney time, having been unexpectedly separated from their young children Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, for more than two weeks, it is clear that even something so sudden and tragic how Her Majesty’s death was not enough to close the gulf that now exists between the couple and the House of Windsor.

The return of the Duke and Duchess to their British home, Frogmore Cottage, which is just 120 meters from Wales Cottage in Adelaide, has unfortunately not magically sparked any sort of easing.

TelegraphThe publication’s Camilla Tomini said there was “little interaction” behind the scenes between the Sussexes and his family, which is hardly surprising.

Although there were moments that could point to a certain attempt at propaganda, such as when Harry and Meghan took part in a walk in Windsor with William and his wife Kate, Princess of Wales, and the elder prince removed the aglets (gold braid) from his uniform in what could to have an attempt to pacify the “devastated” Harry, whom the Palace removed, seems to have been no reason.

Undoubtedly, there are many accusations that can be directed at the garrulous Sussexes, who have voluntarily and repeatedly lashed out at the Palace in the press. The firm deserves equal criticism here, too, because Buckingham Palace made a mess of bringing the duo back to their native land.

Over the past 12 days, the royal house has taken up one case after another.

There was confusion about whether or not Harry could wear a uniform; he was left to make his own way to Scotland and how late he was informed that his grandmother had passed away; and the embarrassing confusion of this solemn reception hosted on Sunday at the palace.

On this last point, Tomini offers a fascinating insight. Last Sunday, Harry and Meghan received an invitation to this state event, which will bring together 1,000 leaders at the palace the day before the funeral, she said.

(They were erroneously left on the event’s guest list because it was reportedly drawn up while they were still members of the royal family.)

It wasn’t until Thursday, four days after receiving their invitation, that questions were asked as to why the Sussexes could go, given that these days they have the official status of Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, meaning none.

“Communication between the Sussex people and the palace is so broken that they could not get a clear answer about whether they were at home or not until Friday evening, when it turned out that they were invited “by mistake,” writes Tomini. .

However, deuce Montecito also did not quite help the situation.

Tina Brown, who was a friend of Diana, Princess of Wales and is the author of a recent Palace documentssaid during a TV interview yesterday that “there can’t be any credibility” if Harry “doesn’t give up his book and the candid documentaries and interviews”.

“If Harry doesn’t want to throw the book away, then I don’t see a way out,” she said.

So much has happened that it would be easy to forget that just less than a month ago, Meghan was busy self-aggrandizing, telling the world through slice that “just by our existence, we disrupted the dynamics of the hierarchy” and uttered an ominous-sounding phrase: “I have never had to sign anything that would have limited my communication.”

The biggest takeaway today, after the flags are slowly returning to full mast, is that such reconciliation now looks like it only lives firmly in the realm of fanfiction.

Given that during the service at Westminster Abbey on Monday, the Palace placed Harry and Meghan in the second row, and there is no indication that Harry can shelve his memoirs, no one seems willing to back down an inch.

All in all, if possible, the events that followed the Queen’s death could only add to the discord and pain.

Her Majesty, known for her dislike of public displays of emotion, has twice – TWICE – referred to Harry and Meghan as “dearly beloved members” of the royal family in official statements from the Palace, which speaks volumes of how deeply she cares for her. grandson and his wife.

Somehow, somewhere, this lesson of family bonding against all odds has been forgotten in the past 12 days. With the Queen’s death, not only have we lost a wonderful woman, but it looks more and more like any chance that there might ever be some kind of happily ever after for the Sussexes and the royal family.

Daniela Elser is a writer and royal expert with over 15 years of experience working with a range of leading Australian media outlets.

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