Prior to joining The Suicide Squad, John Cena played the role of DC Hero.

The comic book world has reached new heights over the years, and both MCU And DCEU Bee has attracted some of the best talent in the business to what they can do for someone’s career. It’s hard to snatch these characters, but once one has them, the potential for growth is unlimited.

Of John Cena. Appearance Suicide Squad. He was met with a ton of praise from the fans, and he was the best choice to play pacemaker. Years ago, however, Cena was in contention to play another DC role.

Let’s take a closer look at Sena’s history with DC.

John Cena has started as a successful actor.

In recent years, John Cena has been making a name for himself with his performances on the big screen, and it is refreshing for fans to see his ability to successfully crossover in Hollywood. The transition from WWE to the big screen is not easy, and many people can’t afford it.

Cena has joined the ranks of boys like Dwayne Johnson and Dave Bottista as a successful actor, and as he has more opportunities and more experience, he has proven that he can execute with the best. No, he won’t win an Oscar yet, but over time, he’ll just get better.

She has been in movies like Sena. Marines, 12 rounds, train brakes, sisters, daddy home, blockers, bumblebees, And F9..

Her list of credits has been impressive, and earlier this year, the actor starred in what became one of her most popular films to date.

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He worked as a peacemaker in The Society Squad

Earlier in 2021, James Gunn. Suicide Squad. There was a frenzy in DC Fandom, as the film was a huge improvement over its predecessor. The cast was spot on, and John Cena was a great choice as a pacemaker.

Initially, Cena was trained to work with Gun and Star. Suicide Squad, And he jumped at the chance that was presented to him.

According to Sena, “I work under the construction of opportunity. You will find it and be ready to respond when the door closes. Finding an opportunity is a difficult struggle. And it is no different. Not sure if I was James, the first choice for the pacemaker.

Come on, the movie was a huge success with the audience, and Cena’s pacemaker stole the show. In fact, he has become such a popular character that he is getting his own spin-off of the show.

When Cena was suggested the idea of ​​a spin-off, he agreed. Without hearing a sound From James Gunn

“It’s like James, ‘Okay, so I did it. And would you like it?’ And before he could tell me what it was, I said, ‘Yes!’ There are very few people I do with it because I really have to read the material. I’m not at the level where I can make that commitment with confidence. Working with James was an experience that He also says I’m interested in what he’s doing.

Cena is just starting out as a pacemaker, and it’s great that things are working out for the actor because at one point, he was in controversy for another role at DCEU.

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He acted as Shazam for DCEU.

Before Zachary Levy was cast as the famous Shazam, John Cena was considered the biggest contender for the role.

According to What culture?“Early rumors suggested that Cena was at the top of the shortlist of actors who are considered for the lead role, which would have been an ideal casting, but now they are moving away from the picture according to a picture.”

It would have been great to see Cena, as opposed to Dwayne Johnson on the big screen, as he was in the ring during his days in the WWE. Sorry, that didn’t happen. Thankfully, Zachary Levy was a great choice to play Shazam, and DC fans can’t wait to see his sequel on the big screen.

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John Cena apparently was always going to step into DCEU, and we’re just thankful he got the right character.

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John Cena made an incredible cameo in this box office flop before his fame.

Fans of Reddit were quick to point out that John Cena’s performance did not begin in The Marine, but long before that.

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