Problematic Celeb Moments 2021

Featuring many of your favourites.


Chris Prato wrote This Instagram pays tribute to his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, and thanks her for giving her a “pretty healthy daughter.”


Travis Scott makes headlines after eight people Died and many more were injured Scott‘s astroworld Festivals. The debate was whether Scott knew what was happening and the show continued.


Dixie D’Amelio faced Feedback When she made these awkward comments about going to college:


boozy crook gone on an anti-gay rant After Lil Nas X joked lightly about collaborating with him:


Reality star Harry Josie was talking about makeup to YouTuber James Charles on his podcast, To kick. When someone asked who James is, Harry said, “He’s just some idiot.”

You claim to be an ally and thus you talk to your straight friends behind closed doors, huh? @ harryjosse

Twitter: @adorejamess


Lizzo spark a Discussion And received criticism after her conversation with Chris Brown went viral. In the video, she asked for a picture and called him “favourite person in the whole fucking world.”

Lizzo asks Chris Brown for a picture in the new video: “Can I have a picture with you because you’re my favorite person in the whole world.”

Twitter: @BuzzingPop


Katie Couric made something Headlines After talking about celebs in her book go there, On Martha Stewart, he recalled once joking about her at an awards show, saying, “[It took] Some healthy delicacy to develop a sense of humor (the prison will do that).

Katie too negotiated About her reluctance to mentor/support Ashley Banfield when she was a budding journalist. “For a minute there, Ashley Banfield was the next big thing. I heard her father telling anyone who would listen that she was going to take my place. In that environment, the advice sometimes kind of self-sabotage.” It seems.”

Lars Niki / Getty Images for New York Women in Film and Television

Katie too wrote The book notes that when she met Prince Harry at a polo match in Brazil years ago, she smelled “wine and cigarettes” and “the smell from every Rome”.

Brian R. Smith / AFP via Getty Images


Ben Platt faced Feedback After his bizarre casting as a high school student dear evan hansen This led to claims of nepotism (given that his father is a well-known Hollywood producer who worked on the film).

Ben Platt on criticism of his casting in #DearEvanHansen film: “The reaction is largely from people who don’t understand the context of the piece, the fact that I created the role and worked it out for 3 years. If I didn’t film So it might not have happened.”

Twitter: @FilmUpdates

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Priyanka Chopra, Julianne Hough, Usher and other celebs faced Wave of criticism for his upcoming show worker, According to time limit, the premise of the five-week reality show is: “Activists go face-to-face in challenges to promote their causes, with their success measured through online engagement, social metrics, and input from hosts.”


Sharon Osbourne was removed as the host of Conversation After his heated discussion with Sheryl Underwood about Pier Morgan’s racist comments about Meghan Markle. she was also under fire for her past defamation Julie Chen, Sarah Gilbert and Holly Robinson to Pete.

CBS Photo Archive / CBS via Getty Images


Chrissy Teigen had lost brand deals and roles revealed That he bullied Courtney Stodden when he was a teenager:

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images


Wrestler Simone Biles Took back From Tokyo Olympics Concerns about his own mental health set up a barrage of odd opinions about what he should not have “quit.” She reacted Totally on Instagram with this caption, “The word ‘quitter’ is not in my vocabulary.”


Carrie Underwood was called To like a masked tweet.


Jessie J Reason extremely a Ruckus after he said glamour The story behind the iconic song “Bang Bang”, which featured Ariana Grande And Nicki Minaj, Jesse said that Ariana heard the song, liked it, and then somehow Nicki heard the song in the studio and liked it so much that she said, “‘I have to jump on it.” Jesse says he doesn’t need to ask Nicky to come to this. Nikki said it was not true:


Justin Timberlake was originally canceled again Later framing britney spears Analyzed how he manipulated the media to portray his ex Britney in a bad light.

Dennis Truscello/WireImage/Getty

read full explanation Here,


Ben Stiller faces criticism after going back reporter, who denounced Hollywood nepotism in a tweet right way – A film directed and produced by children of the Hollywood elite. Ben tweeted this at the reporter:

@franklinleonard Very easy @franklinleonard. People are working, building. Everyone has their own way. Best wishes to them.

Twitter: @RedHourBen


edison rae worried Journalism/college Twitter after tweeting about studying broadcast journalism for “3 full months” to prepare to be a commentator on UFC Fight Night:

Twitter: @whoisaddison


Leaked by Armie Hammer’s alleged DM talking about cannibalism and other dark stuff. he was accused rapeMILF Leading Him To drop out of many movies projects,

Christopher Polk / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images


Demi Lovato got heavy Feedback When The Big Chill sells “snacks for people with celiac or diabetics or vegans,” they called out the local L.A. yogurt shop for “diet culture.”


Erica Jayne and Tom Girardi The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills both Expose He won cases – including widows, children, burn victims, plane crash victims and more – after Tom was accused of extorting victims.

Bravo / Via

Recent Documentary housewife and hustler Expose Tom and Erica’s suspicious behavior.


siya movie music received wide Feedback, including a petition to remove it from Golden Globes consideration for its depiction of autistic people.


David Dobrik lost one The brand deals and their backlash faced huge backlash Video The alleged sexual assault depicted and some of her prank videos put others in danger, as well as for past offensive comments.


And Finally, There Was James Corden’s Segment “Spill Your Guts” criticized After it was singled out for being culturally insensitive.

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