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MARCUS Wareing started out as a protégé of legendary chef Gordon Ramsay.

Here’s everything you need to know about the MasterChef: The Professionals judge.


Marcus Wareing made a big name for himself1 credit

Who is Marcus Wareing?

Marcus was born on June 29, 1970 in Southport, Merseyside.

He started working in the food industry at the age of 11, packing potatoes and helping his father with deliveries.

Marcus was paid only 10 pence for each 5-pound (2.3 kg) bag of potatoes packed.

He credits his father’s long hours as an inspiration to his own work ethic.

As a teenager, he was the only boy in a home economics class at Stanley High School and went on to study food service at Southport College.

What famous chefs did Marcus Wareing work with?

Marcus has worked in cities such as New York, Amsterdam and Gravety Manor, Sussex and other luxury locations.

Marcus first worked as a chef at the Savoy Hotel under Anton Endelmann at the age of 18.

He left to work with Albert Roux at the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Gavroche, where he first met Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon was best man at Marcus’ 2000 wedding and is godfather to his eldest son Jake.

Marcus joined Ramsay’s Aubergine when it first launched in 1993 and soon became its sous chef and protégé.

He worked with the infamous angry chef for 15 years.

The judge credits Ramsay for teaching him how to cook, describing his time at Eggplant as “the most important time of my life”.

Marcus’ first job as a chef was at L’Oranger, a joint venture in which he and Ramsay held stakes.

When he was only 25, Marcus earned his first Michelin star at L’Oranger.

After an argument between AZ Restaurants, Marcus and Ramsay saw both chefs quit L’Oranger and the Hell’s Kitchen judge opened his own restaurant called Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

In 1999, the Ramsay group opened the Petrus restaurant, where Markus worked as a chef.

Seven months after opening, the restaurant received a Michelin star.

The restaurant moved to the Berkeley Hotel in 2003, replacing Pierre Coffman’s La Tante Claire.

That same year, Markus became patron chef of the grill room at the Savoy Hotel, in competition with his former boss, Anton Endelmann.

Petrus received two Michelin stars and five AA rosettes, while the Savoy Grill received its first star in the hotel’s history under Marcus.

Why did Marcus Wareing and Gordon Ramsay quarrel?

A heated argument erupted when the Berkeley Hotel bosses confirmed they were going to open Marcus’ first solo restaurant as the chef tried to step out of Ramsay’s shadow.

He should have taken Petrus on loan.

However, Ramsay won the rights to the Petrus name, and Markus signed a gag order in connection with the dispute.

At the time, Marcus told Waitrose Food Illustrated, “Half of me thinks he [Ramsay] sad bastard, and the other half still adores him.”

What other shows has he been in?

Marcus appeared in the Channel 4 documentary Boiling Point in 1998 when he was Ramsay’s sous chef.

He was one of 13 chefs chosen to recreate Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper in 2003.

He represented the north of England on the BBC’s Great British Menu in 2006.

Markus later returned to Great British Menu as a judge and criticized the rival show MasterChef, saying that it encourages young chefs to chase TV stardom and be lazy in the kitchen.

But he went back on his word after he joined MasterChef: The Professionals as a judge alongside Monica Galetti in 2014.

Marcus also advised film stars Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller on the set of Burnt.

He has seven cookbooks, including Marcus at Home, New Classics, and Marcus Everyday.

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