Project Host Hamish McDonald weighs in on SMH’s Rebel Wilson controversy

Hamish McDonald of The Project weighed in on Rebel Wilson’s backlash, revealing that he faced a very similar situation behind the scenes.

Project host Hamish McDonald commented on the Sydney Morning Herald’s negative reaction to Rebel Wilson’s article, saying that throughout his career he was in the same position as the Pitch Perfect star.

The Australian publication sparked international outrage after gossip columnist Andrew Hornery wrote an op-ed on Saturday revealing he had already been privy to Wilson’s new same-sex relationship and intended to write about it for the newspaper.

But, he said, he made a “big mistake” by emailing her team asking Wilson to confirm her affair with Ramona Agrumah by giving her a 48-hour window to respond, which he explained today was a common weekend posting practice. of the day, not a “threat”.

Rebel then announced it herself on Instagram last week, in what Hornery took to be a star “deciding to swindle” her post’s sensation.

Addressing the scandal Project On Monday night, McDonald, who publicly confirmed he was in a relationship with a man in 2019, admitted that scrutiny of his sexuality was “terrifying.”

“For people who come to terms with their sexuality, it can be something that they wake up and realize one day, it can be something that is a very long journey… and I don’t think anyone else needs to determine the point at which they say. about it,” he told the board.

“I’ve done stuff like this before with a couple of journalists and it’s scary, scary and frankly scary when a journalist starts telling you that he knows this about you and wants to publish it. ”

The 41-year-old McDonald concluded by describing the furore as something “from which we can all learn.”

“Especially when it comes to people who think and explore and understand their own personality… it’s a story they can tell in the circumstances of their choice,” he said, before addressing Wilson directly.

— And Rebel is a good fellow, very happy.

His comments come just hours after Hornery apologized for the “tone” of his controversial op-ed to Wilson over the weekend, arguing that giving a “deadline” for Wilson to comment on her new relationship was not meant to force her to open up. .

After an intense global backlash against both Hornery and SMX editor Bevan Shields, who forgot to apologize Addressing Wilson, addressing the saga, Hornery wrote: “I wrote over the weekend about the backstory that led to Rebel Wilson posting on social media revealing her new relationship with another woman. I have learned some new and difficult lessons from this, and I want to tell you frankly about my mistakes.”

He continued, “I sincerely regret that this has been difficult for Rebel. This was never my intention. But I see that she handled it all with extraordinary grace. As a gay man, I know how deeply discrimination can hurt. The last thing I would ever want to do is inflict this pain on someone else.”

The senior reporter emphasized that his email was not sent as a means of threatening the star to go public, adding that he was “confident enough” in his information to “start a conversation” about her relationship.

He concluded that, as a gossip columnist, his subsequent article was simply an attempt to “tell a story within a story”, explaining that the paper already knew about Wilson’s relationship but was beaten by the star herself. , suggesting that his email triggered her posting on social media.

His eventual apology was preceded by an explanation that reporters “still have to ask the hard questions”, noting that “it would be much worse” to write about celebrities without asking them for comment.

“But we have to make it clear that the deadline is not an ultimatum,” he added of what he learned from the saga.

While admitting that his “tone” in the column reflected his frustration at not being able to break the news first, he said he “misunderstood”.

“It was unfair and I apologize,” he said.

The original article has been removed from SMX Web site.

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