Project: Immigration expert weighs Novak Djokovic’s next move

A leading immigration expert explained the next step in the Novak Djokovic saga and there was really only one word to sum it all up.

A leading immigration expert commented on the ongoing controversy over criticized tennis star Novak Djokovic, who is still awaiting a decision on whether he can stay in the country after arriving without vaccinations.

The Serbian tennis star has the potential to have his visa revoked again due to personality traits, despite successfully appealing his initial revocation in federal court hearings this week.

Former Deputy Secretary of the Immigration Department, Abul Rizvi, said the case was “difficult” for the Australian authorities, who, in his opinion, are currently trying to remedy the situation after numerous procedural errors were discovered.

“There is no easy option here,” said Mr. Rizvi. Project Wednesday night.

“It is difficult to cancel, and it is difficult not to cancel. If I could go through the processes in terms of cancellation. “

Mr. Rizvi went on to elaborate on the potential public relations nightmare that would unfold in front of the global media if the Minister of Immigration did decide to deport Djokovic for reasons of reputation.

“Let’s assume that the minister actually starts to revoke Mr. Djokovic’s visa,” he continued.

“He will then receive a cancellation notice from Australian border officials, who usually wear very, very dark uniforms and often carry weapons, show up at Djokovic or on the tennis court, taking Djokovic off the tennis court, most likely in the light of the world’s media.”

Mr Rizvi said that Djokovic would then be taken “to a detention center where he will remain while seeking any application for judicial or other review.”

“This could very well mean that he is imprisoned in Melbourne while the Australian Open continues,” he said.

“At the moment, I suspect that all discussions are about politics and optics. What’s the best way to present this to the Australian people to make the optics look government-friendly? It will be a discussion between various ministers and the Prime Minister’s office. “

The issue has attracted a lot of attention in Australia as the world turned its attention to the first Grand Slam of the year and several Djokovic supporters criticized the convoluted nature of the developing case.

Mr Rizvi said the next steps could determine how Australia addresses future vaccination and visa challenges.

“This tells us if we can put in place an efficient and effective process whereby if people apply to enter Australia and need vaccinations, we sort it out before we issue them a visa, before they can enter the country. ” he said.

“It is really bad practice to try to solve such problems after they have arrived in the country, which goes against the 30-year development of the immigration system.”

What a shit show Project Anchorman Yang Fran said at the end of the segment, summing up the reactions of almost everyone – regardless of their opinion – to the farce.

Australian border officials were investigating whether Djokovic lied in his entry uniform to enter the country.

In his travel declaration, which is part of court documents released on Monday, the Serb ticked the box that he had not traveled or planned to travel in the 14 days prior to his flight to Down Under.

However, Djokovic faced accusations that he traveled from Serbia to Spain 14 days before leaving for Australia last week.

The Home Office warns on its website that providing false or misleading information to the government is a “serious crime” that could lead to a prison sentence.

Djokovic has now admitted to a “human error”, claiming that it was “definitely unintentional.” He blamed “the difficult times of a global pandemic” for the mistake.

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