Project: Peter Helliar leaves after Carrie Bickmore and Lisa Wilkinson

Project was shocked by another major resignation – after the departure of Carrie Bickmore and Lisa Wilkinson.

Longtime host Peter Helliar announced that he was leaving the show, citing other professional commitments.


“I’ve been thinking about it for a while, people will read the situation the way they want to, but I feel like I need to create some space for some of the projects that I want to work on,” he said.

“But (Carrie Bickmore) said you’re glad you’re leaving The Project even though you still love it and I still love the show. I am really. This means a lot to me. It has done amazing things for me.

“I once interviewed Luke Skywalker. And that meant a lot. And I’m looking forward to seeing what the show will be like in the future.”

Insider’s statement that project outcome is ongoing

Entertainment commentator Peter Ford, who is heard on radio throughout Australia, said several of the show’s stars may not be returning in 2023.


His claims came at a turbulent time for the wrestling program, following the shock resignations of star Carrie Beakmore in October and Lisa Wilkinson on Sunday, which came after a difficult six months marked by “relentless, targeted toxicity.”

He stated that the network was also “playing seriously not to bring back the Sunday version of the show, which never took off” and would revamp the sets and cast.


“This is the last desperate attempt to save it, but whether the brand is already too tarnished, only time will tell,” he said.

“Just look at the ratings to understand that for the money they give out, the return is not enough, and this has not happened for a long time.

“This is the first major shake-up in history; they’ve made adjustments to the show in the past, but it’s either do or die. I think the way the show was going was going downhill and it wasn’t going to bounce back.”

Ford said Chrissy Swan and Georgie Tunney could be patted on the back to replace Bickmore and Wilkinson and said one of his biggest criticisms of the show in the past has been a lack of spontaneity and he hoped that would be resolved in 2023 year.

“Personally, I think one of the biggest problems with the show wasn’t the on-air talent, but how tough and thoughtful it was – there’s very little spontaneity in it, and when I watch a discussion show, I like to think there’s room for something unexpected will happen,” he explained.

“But that’s five hours of Australian TV a week, and whether I watch it or not, I wish it would survive.”

Ford weighs ‘very controversial’ Lisa

Ford said public backlash against Wilkinson intensified after her infamous Logies speech earlier this year, which helped delay the trial of alleged Brittany Higgins rapist Bruce Lehrmann, but said it started well before then, noting that it would have been “very hard” to handle.

“I appreciate Lisa, but the fact is that she has become very controversial. I have to report this and it does not reflect my personal opinion. I can’t even understand where and why it started,” he said.

He agreed that Ali also faced the same level of criticism from the public, but said he had less oxygen as Ali was notoriously absent from social media, making him “a little more unresponsive” than Wilkinson.

He also noted that the program itself generated an almost unprecedented level of anger from many viewers.

“I can’t imagine a TV show that would cause as much polarization and division as Projectbut it is not necessary to watch,” he said.

“It’s getting bigger and bigger and part of it is because on Twitter people love to get angry, they want to resent and they want to put someone or something down, so you have to assume that the haters will hate.

“But Project has become a trademark that seems to make people angry and I don’t know why. Strange – no one is forced to watch.

Meanwhile, Mediaweek editor James Manning told that he thinks Channel 10 is probably now thinking “how best to use their talents.”

“If Lisa Wilkinson is left with 10, she will be deregistered. Project … so that in itself would make the budget a lot better and the cost would come down a lot if we consider that she was the highest paid member of the team, along with or higher than Carrie,” he said, adding that she could play about the specials. proposals for the network in the future,” he said.

“The departure of both gives 10 a good opportunity to restart the program in 2023, perhaps with some new faces and some talent that won’t cost as much.

“I believe they will want to keep Waleed as he has become a star performer and new faces surround him.

“I’m not sure if they want to target a younger audience because it might alienate some fans and the numbers might drop.”

But Mr. Manning said it would be “hard to imagine Project continuing without Carrie, Lisa and Waleed.”

“There has to be some connection to what made the show great and that would be Waleed,” he said.

“With all due respect to Peter and Tommy (Little), they are not the A-Team.”

He said that while in theory this gave Ellie a bit more negotiating power, he probably would not want to try to exploit it given the current economic uncertainty and agreed that Georgie Tunney was a clear contender for a replacement.

“She is considered a suitable figure – she is known to the public, but she did not have to do a lot of hard work. She may be asked to do more in the future,” he said.

“The show has always been heavily associated with comedic talent – think Charlie Pickering and Dave Hughes in the early days, now Tommy and Pete – so there might be room for another established comedian on the show as well.”

Mr Manning said that while the update could potentially save the show, “there’s no getting away from the fact that all broadcasters are in trouble” as viewers move from total reliance on linear TV to viewers looking to watch on-demand content.

“There have been challenges internationally as well – Disney changed its CEO in part because its streaming model was inefficient and Netflix has been up and down lately so this is a challenging time for all broadcasters and Australian networks were not immune to this. ,” he said. has contacted Channel 10 for comment.

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