‘Psycho’ was based on a true story, what really happened here.

Alfred Hitchcock. Psycho Is a classic, And for good reason, as the 1960 film shocked the audience and presented the infamous shower scene. There are many Interesting facts to know about Hitchcock, And horror fans are still impressed with the film because it was revolutionary at the time.

Although horror movies provide a lot of fun on weekend evenings, and people especially enjoy them around Halloween, sometimes the real life inspiration behind horror movies is even worse. ۔

This leads to the conclusion that Psycho It was based on a true story. Let’s take a look.

The story behind Psycho

Like something Interesting facts about the classic horror movie Exorcist, There is a lot to learn about. Psycho.

Psycho Based on a book by Robert Baloch. And according to Chameleontruecrimestories.com, Blach wrote a book thinking about an assassin named Ed Jane. Blach lived in Wisconsin and Jane was arrested just 50 miles from where she lived, so she became interested.

Ed Jane, also known as “Planner Field’s Butcher,” killed a woman named Bernice, who owned a hardware store. The details of this case are horrible and tragic. It turned out that Ed had killed more women, and people realized how dangerous he was.

According to the website, from both Ed and Norman Bates. Psycho He had a very strange relationship with his mother. Ed was taught not to like any woman other than his mother, which is definitely scary and annoying.

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It turns out that while Blach was affected by the AIDS gene, he did not deliberately make them look like one person. He later found out that there were a lot of details that Norman and Ed had in common.

According to Mental flow“The imaginary character I created was so close to both the appearance and the actual stimulus of the real gene,” Blach felt.

Surprised to hear that while the characters weren’t the same, Norman ended up doing a lot like Ed. This is one of the times when truth is alien to fiction.

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Making ‘Psycho’

It can be amazing to hear horrible fans, Alfred Hitchcock felt. Psycho It was a comedy film.

According to Guardian, Hitchcock talks about his famous film in a tape that became part of the BBC archives. The director said, “[Psycho] The purpose was to make people scream and shout. But there is nothing more than screaming and screaming at the switchback train; so you shouldn’t go too far because you want them to get off the train laughing happily.

Hitchcock also said he doesn’t see the film as part of the genre that everyone else does. “There was content, I felt, but it was fun and it was a big joke. I saw some people take it seriously,” he said.

People must see. Psycho As a horror movie and it is often a movie that is read and separated because it was so fresh and interesting. There are endless threads about the film on Reddit, people have shared that they have just seen the film for the first time and they want to hear some thoughts and opinions. When asked why the shower scene is so popular, one fan explained that the shower is seen as a place where people can be both “safe” and “vulnerable” and that the scene completes the idea. Changed as

Joseph Stefano, screenwriter. Psycho, Was interviewed by Austin Chronicle. And talked about his experience. Stefano said an interesting thing: Hitchcock didn’t think people should rewrite the script. “Another interesting thing is that he didn’t ask to rewrite. Not one. He felt that whoever wrote the films was the author, and that was his job,” said Stefano.

Stefano also said that when he was making the film, it was like introducing a main character and then killing him, as he did with Marion. He said, “The idea of ​​killing the movie star, the most famous name in it, was not heard in those days, so I think the audience alone is upset. No one could believe it. Feeling it was the only way, and Hitchcock agreed with me, thinking of getting a star to play this ruined role.

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It definitely makes sense. Psycho It ended up being inspired by a real killer because it is one of the most exciting and restless horror movies, and there are many reasons why it is still considered a classic today.

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