QAnon Shaman Reveals What He “Really” Did During The Capitol Riot

The man known online as QAnon Shaman was sentenced to prison for his actions on January 6.

But now he has made a rather ludicrous statement about what he “really did” during the Capitol riot.

Everyone knows his face – and now he is looking at the wealth of imprisonment.

However, QAnon Shaman is back in the news again after making some bizarre statements on January 6 about what he “really” was doing.

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The events of January 6, 2021 still haunt us.

As a joint congressional meeting was called to officially count the Electoral College votes and confirm Joe Biden’s election victory, lawmakers were forced to take cover and evacuate when Trump supporters stormed into the US Capitol building.

The scenes were really shocking.

Breaking windows, doors and furniture while chanting “Stop stealing!”

The rebels quickly went viral.

And photographs showing them looting objects such as the pulpit of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi quickly began to circulate on the Internet.

Things got worse and worse.

And the world, mesmerized, watched as more and more rioters continued to pour into the Capitol and clash with the police.

Even Trump intervened.

The former president has been repeatedly called on to speak on national television to order his supporters to step down.

Instead, he posted a series of half-hearted tweets …

Where he reminded the rioters that the police and law enforcement are “on our side” and “stay peaceful.”

Trump’s behavior led to his being banned from all social media platforms …

And when control was restored to the Capitol and a sweep began, an impeachment investigation was launched against the former president for his role in the riots.

Of course, the consequences of this event were nothing short of incredible …

And as the months passed, more and more rioters were named, ashamed and reprimanded for their actions …

Including the “public face of the Capitol Riot” Jacob Chensley …

Also known as “QAnon Shaman”.

Chensley, who was depicted wearing a Viking hat with fur and horns, was prosecuted for his actions on 6 January.

As the judge handed him one of the longest sentences handed down to date in relation to the events, Huffington Post reports.

On November 10, 2021, 34-year-old Chensley appeared in court, where US District Judge Royce Lambert sentenced him to prison for his actions.

Chensley was one of the first to enter the building during the riots and, armed with a megaphone, angered the surrounding crowd …

Assistant US Attorney Kimberly Pashall told the judge that “if the defendant had been peaceful that day, Your Honor, we would not have been here,” the newspaper said.

“Nothing that happened on January 6, 2021 was peaceful,” Pashall said.

Pashall also told the court how Chensley entered the Senate hall shouting, “Time is up, bastards are not peaceful, Your Honor.”

She also noted that Chensley left a note on Vice President Mike Pence’s desk, called “threatening,” which said, “It’s only a matter of time. Justice is coming. “

Addressing Judge Lambert before his sentencing, Chensley said, “I believe in freedom with all my heart and soul.”

“But I also believe in law and order, because without law and order there can be no freedom,” he said, before adding that “people of honor” admit when they are wrong.

Chensley then admitted that he “broke the law” and that if he believes “in freedom” and “in law and order,” then he “must take responsibility.”

He also said that after the events, he realized that he was wrong when he entered the Capitol, while noting that he was just “a good person who broke the law.”

Judge Lambert sentenced Chensley to forty-one months in federal prison for his actions.

In addition to his jail sentence, Chensley is due to pay $ 2,000 in damages, and upon the expiration of his jail sentence, he will serve 3 years of parole. CNN reports.

However, even though it was locked, we still hear about Chensley – and this time it’s really weird.

Chensley is now in the press for stating what he “really” did during the Capitol riots.

In a recent interview with Internal edition Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero, Chensley has made several high-profile claims about his self-proclaimed heroism.

Speaking with Guerrero, Chensley said:

“Given the fact that I am no longer in solitary confinement, I am better than when I was in solitary confinement.”

Chensley was then asked if he regretted his actions in the Capitol building, where he was heard “screaming” by many witnesses.

Speaking about this, he said:

“In hindsight, I can say one thing that I regret: I did not work to have so much more peace that day. If I knew what would happen, I would intervene before any barricades are breached. “

Then Chensley claimed that he was actually trying to calm the crowd during the riots …

He explained Guerrero:

“In fact, I tried to calm the crowd on more than one occasion. But it just didn’t work. “

Check out the interview in full below …

This is definitely something.

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