Queen Elizabeth’s funeral: Questionable Queen mural at UK train station fried online

The somewhat dubious portrayal of the queen has garnered attention online as millions across the Commonwealth continue to pay their respects to the deceased monarch.

One mural painted on a wall at Hounslow train station drew more laughs than admiration, and many believed the artist accidentally made a larger-than-life tribute to look more like Donald Trump than Her Majesty.

British publication My London reported that artists Jignesh and Yash Patel have been painting the huge painting for the past six days.

“This work will not only pay tribute to the Queen, but will also be a piece of art that will be enjoyed by thousands of people across the UK for years to come,” Gignesh told the publication.

But social media users weren’t overly impressed, comparing it to similarly unfortunate depictions of cultural icons, including a hilariously bad statue of Cristiano Ronaldo and an elderly woman’s attempt to fix the Mona Lisa.

“It’s not so bad if you squint a little… a lot,” one user replied.

“Of course they have good intentions, but gosh, on a bike it’s just awful!!!!!” — wrote one of the Facebook users.

On Friday, the front pages of British newspapers continued to be dominated by photographs and touching tributes to Queen Elizabeth II.

Sun, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express as well as Daily Mirror published more recent images of the monarch at a later age, while other major newspapers favored earlier images of the queen.

In Australia, Queen Elizabeth’s face was on the front pages every weekend, along with countless tributes from regular Australians.

Holidays in Australia the late queen is shown smiling front and center against a white background. The headline read: “Elizabeth the Great.”

A short message written on one postcard posted at Government House pays homage to “two legends” who have recently passed away, the other being her father.

The map shows the similarities between the two 96-year-old deceased.

“Born in April, trending ’96, Queen Elizabeth, my dad xxx,” the card reads.

In Brisbane, a full cup of tea stands at the foot of a statue of the late monarch with a pink note attached that reads “we’ll miss you xxoo”.

In Melbourne, tributes range from cherished personal photographs of the Queen visiting Australia to handwritten notes scrawled on gold-trimmed stationery.

A Melbourne resident left an invitation from the Unforgotten Association, dated 2002, asking him to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace attended by the Queen.

Countless letters are addressed to grieving members of the royal family, and even the sealed letters have been drenched in the downpour since the queen’s death.

Many wished that the monarch “rest in peace”, with one saying: “It’s your time to reunite with your loved one.”

A week after the death of the queen, Australians continue to leave tribute, flowers and gifts in honor of the longest-reigning monarch.

Thousands of mourners faced nine-hour lines to pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday as her grandson Prince William said walking behind her casket brought back memories of the haunting of his mother Diana’s coffin.

Royal officials have promised a “worthy tribute” to the longest-serving British monarch as they revealed she will be laid to rest alongside her husband Prince Philip at Windsor Castle following Monday’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey.

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth, who died a week ago at the age of 96 after 70 years on the throne, will bring together leaders and members of the royal family from around the world.

This will follow four full days of her coffin lying in state in nearby Westminster Hall. The coffin lies on a hearse in the middle of a huge 11th-century building.

The casket, draped in the flag of the Royal Standard, is adorned with the Imperial State Crown, its ceremonial sphere and scepter, and tall, flickering candles stand in each corner.

Mourners, many of whom had been waiting all night, lined up to walk past and pay their respects to their beloved monarch on their first full day in the state.

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