Queen Elizabeth’s funeral: Royal note sums up Britain’s grief

Thousands of people left heartfelt congratulations to the Queen after her passing last week.

Royal fans were touched by the many messages and gifts left at Her Majesty’s residences, and one of the letters brought people to tears and went viral. Sun reports.

The note, written by royal reporter Rick Petraci, was placed inside a plastic wallet to protect her from the rain, and people say it “summarizes” how the nation is feeling at this time.

The sweet message read: “It hurts, ma’am. It is so painful.

“We are not ready to say goodbye to you. You taught us everything except how to live in your absence. Our hearts are shattered.

“The world without you is simply unimaginable. Britain without the Platinum Queen is unimaginable.”

He continued, “Wherever you are, never stop guiding and protecting us as you have done all these years.

“Wake us up and tell us this is just another bad dream because the pain is unbearable.

“After all, like Philip to you, you were our strength and support.”

The message ended with the monarch’s gratitude for her “love” and the words that she “will forever remain in our hearts.”

The author of the note added a touching line at the bottom: “I hope you are watching us eat your marmalade sandwich.”

The tearful gesture was a nod to a famous sketch the Queen made at her birthday celebration in June with Paddington Bear.

The bear had to learn that even the queen loves marmalade sandwiches and she kept one in her bag “for later”.

A photo of the message was posted to Instagram by a fan who wrote, “This sums up perfectly how we all feel.

“I really want her to leave us a recorded farewell message.

“Rest with our dearest Lilibet.”

The post received nearly 4,000 likes and many royal fans commented on the poignant words.

One person said, “Reading this made me cry.”

Another added: “I was barely holding back, but then the last sentence got lost again.”

A third commented, “Whoever wrote this beautiful post… thank you. True to every word…she is irreplaceable and it is hard to imagine the UK without a queen.”

A number of royal fans left behind cute Paddington Bear-themed gifts, including stuffed toys and marmalade sandwiches.

The Queen’s coffin is due to be delivered to Buckingham Palace today as millions of mourners line up to say goodbye.

Princess Anne will accompany the late monarch as she is transferred from St Giles Cathedral to Edinburgh Airport by road.

Members of the public will be able to view the cortege before the Queen is taken to Buckingham Palace in a state hearse, accompanied by Anne and Vice Admiral Sir Tim, to rest in the bow room.

Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest during her funeral at 11:00 am on Monday 19 September.

Heads of State, Prime Ministers and Presidents, European royalty and key public figures will be invited to gather at Westminster Abbey to mark her glorious 70th anniversary of reign.

Up to 2,000 dignitaries are expected to attend and tens of millions of viewers from around the world will watch the service on television.

This is likely to be the largest security operation the UK has ever seen, with thousands lining up a ceremonial route for days to pay their respects before the funeral.

King Charles III approved this date as a public holiday, as the UK is still in a state of national mourning.

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