Queen’s cause of death: Lady Colin Campbell claims Queen Elizabeth II died of bone cancer

A royal expert said the queen suffered from a “serious and invariably fatal bone disease” before her death last week.

Her Majesty, 96, passed away on Thursday, announced by Buckingham Palace around 6:30 pm UK time (3:30 am EST).

Controversial royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell posted a video to YouTube at 5:00 pm (2:00 AEST) – 90 minutes earlier – claiming that the monarch has sadly died.

In the video, Lady Colin stated that the Queen died at 2:37 pm (11:37 pm AEST) after a “relatively painless” illness.

A royal expert who has written books about Princess Diana and the Queen Mother has said that Her Majesty suffered from bone cancer. The palace did not disclose the cause of the queen’s death.

“I do not want to use a word that accurately conveys a medical diagnosis, out of respect for the dignity and privacy of Her Majesty,” said Lady Colin.

“If she wants to reveal this word or her advisers want to reveal it, it is up to them. I don’t think it’s necessary to use that word to convey the idea that I think most people will understand, that this is a really serious situation.

“The condition was caused, according to people who know her well, in part caused by the enormous stress she has been under for the past three years.

“Can you imagine an older woman as her life comes to an end and she hopes to enjoy the last few years of her life in good health while being bombarded by the immense violence she and the monarchy have been subjected to.”

Lady Colin added that she tried to warn people that the queen was “much sicker than they thought”.

“I have pointed out several times over the past few weeks, if not months, that she was hit to the bone. I have repeatedly used this to show that she suffers from a bone disease,” Lady Colin continued.

“There are two diseases of the bones, one more painful than the other. Fortunately, the queen’s illness, although in the same category and condition as the more painful one, turned out to be less painful.

“It was restrictive and I won’t talk about the treatment she received. I previously pointed out that her bruising was due to the cannulas, and I stopped there.”

The biographer added that the queen remained in “good spirits” despite declining health.

The video cuts out before returning as Lady Colin claims to have heard that the queen has already died.

“Having just filmed this video, it is with great sadness that I must inform you that events once again exceeded all plans, and I was reliably informed that the queen died today at 14:37,” she says.

“And the reason why the announcement has not yet been made is because they are waiting for the arrival of Harry and Meghan in Balmoral, after which the announcement will be made.

“I think we should be very grateful that we had such a wonderful monarch. And I think we can also be thankful that her death was relatively painless. Bone cancer is not fun.

“But she was lucky enough to have a lesser form of bone cancer and kept her spirit and vitality almost to the end.

“And now, I would say, my condolences to all her loved ones, her entire family and, indeed, all her subjects, many of whom love her.”

Buckingham Palace announced the Queen’s death before Prince Harry arrived at Balmoral. Meghan didn’t go to Balmoral the day the Queen died.

Medical experts told News Corp that weakness and “geriatric syndrome” may have contributed to the late sovereign’s deteriorating health.

However, officially the royal family announced that the 96-year-old woman “passed away peacefully” at her beloved Balmoral Castle in Scotland. More specific details are not reported.

Hours before her death, a Buckingham Palace statement said her doctors were “concerned” about her health and “advised her to remain under medical supervision,” adding that “the queen remains comfortable at Balmoral as well.”

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