Queen’s funeral: MAFS’ Jules Robinson linked to butler-working royals

As a longtime member of Royal Ascot, I remember we were betting on what color the Queen would wear when she got into the carriage.

This is one of the many wonderful traditions that I remember fondly of Her Majesty during her 14 years in London.

At the time, I was working as a hairdresser for Truefitt & Hill, one of the few companies to receive a prestigious royal warrant, and one of my clients was the Queen’s personal butler.

I texted him every time to find out what color she would wear, knowing all too well that he would not be able to divulge such information.

London is my second home. To be honest, I know the streets of London better than Sydney and I really do feel like I’m at home. I lived in London during my formative years, from 21 to 35 years old.

I am honored to be here in London at this time. I have experienced significant times here, Will and Kate’s royal wedding, golden jubilee, the Olympics, and being here for this truly special occasion.

I have always considered myself a royalist because I worked for Trufitt and Hill, where I was lucky enough to work outside the gates of Buckingham Palace and I was in the same area as the queen, she was very close to me.

Whatever you think about the monarchy, we should celebrate its life – 96 years, it has been constant throughout our lives. I respect her very much.

The Queen, this is actually incredible, because this is someone we have only heard a few times in our lives and have only ever heard a few words, but she was really very respected by many people.

She took on the role that was handed to her and I think she did an amazing job given the circumstances.

I love the ceremony and formality of the members of the royal family. Working in this world and having to present and speak in a certain way, curtsy, etc. has given me this gift of being able to adapt to all different types of people.

I was very young when I started working there, and to be honest, I didn’t realize the depth of the place where I worked and how elitist and upscale it was. I learned very quickly and it was an amazing time in my life.

Why am I a royalist?

I understand that monarchy means many different things to different people. For me personally, it brings back some really amazing memories of my life, from working with an establishment that had a royal warrant to my childhood when I idolized Princess Diana. When I moved to the UK, the last thing my mother told me before I got on the plane was to make sure I met Prince William. I just enjoy this tradition and have always loved the royal family.

Being here in London at this time has been extremely busy and very special because no matter where you come from or who you know, there is a real sense that you are living in a historic moment.

My very brief moments of working in the inner circle of the royal family added another element to my thoughts at this time.

I went to Buckingham Palace to pay my respects and lay flowers. It’s an amazing time to see everyone on TV in black, the nation is really mourning and I feel like some things have come to a standstill. I don’t think I’ll see something like this again in my life.

I shed a tear when I learned that the queen had died. I didn’t expect to be this emotional because it’s one of those things that we all knew would happen one day. But for some reason, even at 96, it seems that it is too early.

* Jules Robinson is a businesswoman, reality TV star, model and mother.

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