Queen’s funeral: Meghan and Harry could be hurt by being suspended

James, Viscount Severn is about to become, albeit briefly, the most accidentally famous member of the royal family.

James, if you disagree with everyone who sits well in the double-digit depth of the line of succession, is the 14-year-old son of Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex, making him the youngest queen ever. grandson.

Most people, including perhaps his uncle the king, would not have been able to distinguish James from a group of mild-mannered polo-hammer-handling boys, but the teenager might have been about to enjoy the guest starring role for the second time in months in an ongoing , the endless Sussex saga.

You see, back in June at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee service at St Paul’s Cathedral, young James was given a front-row plum seat alongside his parents, who are both working members of the royal family. This is unlike Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who were instead unceremoniously sent to the second row desert, right behind the Viscount.

And that’s why most of the photos taken by the Sussexes at the event were of poor James.

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So, with the queen due to be buried next week, will we see the Sussexes be doomed to the humiliating second-row status? Will they be united with other royal cousins, literally put in their place? Should James get ready for his big plan again?

Judging by the way the past few days have gone by, the Sussexes may indeed be in for a very painful time.

There was a private jet fiasco when Harry and William traveled separately to Scotland in a race to be with the Queen in her final hours.

The eldest prince made it to Balmoral nearly 90 minutes before the world knew of her passing, while the younger prince did not as Buckingham Palace decided to release the sad news while Harry was still in the air.

Nearly four hours after William reached Her Majesty’s estate, Harry arrived alone and looked particularly depressed.

This was followed by the events of the weekend when Harry and Meghan unexpectedly joined William and his wife Kate, the new Princess of Wales, for a stroll outside Windsor Castle. Seeing the four of them side by side was a wonderful scene that would have been unthinkable a week ago.

However, don’t let the image of equality between two couples seen arriving together and peacefully greeting the crowd fool you. Someone somewhere clearly wants the world to know whose call it was to go out to Windsor and who should be credited here for it.

I’ll give you one hint: this is the guy who will one day get slapped all over the pound coin…

On Tuesday morning, two reports hit the British press which, you will never believe, depict William in the most flattering light imaginable, presenting him as a generous big man who touchingly extended his hand to Harry for the good of the monarchy.

Ooooh… isn’t he great?

AT onceValentine Lowe wrote at length about William choosing to include his brother as he “didn’t feel good doing it without Harry”.

“If there was any time to do the right thing,” he thought, “then it has come,” Lowe reports, and that the heir to the throne was motivated not only by “how his brother would feel excluded,” but also by how that he was also “frustrated by the focus on family tensions immediately after his grandmother’s death.”

(Funny how we are told that the Prince of Wales was not “motivated” by the optics here, and yet somehow so much of the royal family’s thoughts ended up in the pages of the UK’s biggest newspapers…)

According to Lowe, after the 40-year-old made the call, he “called Harry, who immediately agreed” with them, effectively speaking in the previous days. Then “after the walk…William is said to have been glad he did it.”

Meanwhile in Telegraph, there was an article by Camille Tomini that told a similar story; that William was “alarmed” by the attention to the storm in Sussex and that “having agreed that family should come first, Harry decided to swallow his pride and let his older brother take the lead, even succumbing to being led William in the back seat of a darkened Audi.”

( daily mail there was a similar story with Richard Kay who reported that it was a “loud” text message from William that got everyone on the ride.)

Here it is interesting to look not at what they tell us, but at what? One brother comes out benevolent and mature, while the other is left to “swallow his pride.”

For decades, William and Harry may have been a constant two-for-one double act (and then a triple act when Kate came on the scene), but if anyone is going by the assumption that all titled players here are in some sort of equal position, drive away the thought.

On Friday night, King Charles III announced that he was making William and Kate Prince and Princess of Wales, which was no less important, even if it was inevitable, and they were one giant step closer to the throne.

And Harry? As is the case with all second royal sons dating back to the time when the ink on the Magna Carta was still wet, he gets absolutely nothing with his father’s accession to the throne – no new titles, no significant official duties, no valuable dukedoms.

The gap that exists between William and Harry’s positions has only widened in the past few days, and these new details about the walk and William only make matters worse.

The palace seems keen to remind everyone who’s who at the gold-weave zoo, a situation that doesn’t bode well for the Sussexes when it comes to the queen’s funeral.

So far, the royal family has shown they are committed to sticking to protocol. On Tuesday night, it was revealed that only working members of the royal family would be allowed to wear military uniforms, meaning that both Harry and Prince Andrew would remain in mourning suits.

For Prince Philip’s funeral, it was decided that no one in the funeral procession would wear military uniform, which conveniently meant that the demoted Harry and Andrew would not stick out like sore fingers.

This time, however, the Palace is playing by the rule book, which means that Charles and his siblings, as well as William, and the Dukes of Gloucester and Kent, will be dressed in their best regimental attire, while Harry and his uncle will be left in a terrible state. conspicuous in their gloomy black outfits.

It’s hard to imagine how for Harry, who proudly served ten years in the army, this would not have been a truly painful moment.

Then, as with the anniversary, there is a seating arrangement.

If St. Paul’s service during the anniversary is any indication, Harry and Meghan may be on the sidelines. Again. Only this time, most of the world will be watching live.

Are Harry and Meghan going to face the consequences of their firing and sullen exit? Will we see the Wales take their seats in the front row while the Sussexes are left to brew in Siberia in a row full of cousins?

Given reports of the turmoil that occurred in March 2020 when Harry and Meghan were not part of the official procession, unlike William and Kate, there would seem to be some delicacy when it comes to this sort of snub.

The Queen’s funeral will be the largest event in the state in nearly a century, and therefore requires heavy protocol.

The Sussexes, having decided they don’t want to stick with royal life, may be ready, as they were with the Jubilee, to reap what they have sown. The voluntary decision to downgrade one’s status from frontline members of the royal family to simply belonging to the vast pool of Windsor gummy can be a particularly bitter pill to swallow.

They will have to fight not only with his family. Harry and Meghan were reportedly booed by some in the crowd outside St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is rather unusual. Can they face similar anger from the public?

Beneath all of this lies Harry’s memoir, which was previously reported to be released later this year. As one of the sources explained Telegraph: “It’s very difficult to spend too much time with someone you know who is about to publish a candid book about you.” Another was quoted as saying: “The general reaction to Harry and Meghan’s behavior has been one of incredulity.”

Throw in all of this – possibly being away from father and brother, being unable to wear military uniforms, being ridiculed by the public, losing a public relations war – and you have the ingredients for a grim situation for Harry and Meghan.

The Duchess is clearly deftly smiling no matter the circumstances (anyone Commonwealth Service in 2020?) and displaying serenity, but next Monday could be her personal Everest on that front nonetheless. With a worldwide audience that could reach into the billions, this could be the biggest role of her life.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience working with a range of leading Australian media outlets.

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