Queen’s funeral plans revealed

The Platinum Jubilee was a reminder that while Her Majesty has long ruled over us, Australia must prepare for the Changing of the Guard.

Her reign is now the second longest among all monarchs.

But the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee has come as a reminder that while Her Majesty has long ruled over us, Australia and the rest of the Commonwealth must prepare for the changing of the guard.

The secret plans for the 10 days after her death were shown to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese after his election victory and are believed to have been updated in recent weeks.

The new plans include a national day of remembrance, which is likely to become a public holiday, according to The Australian.

Her funeral at Westminster Abbey will take place 10 days after her death, so any public holiday in Australia is likely to fall during this period.

Four official Australian mourners will reportedly be invited to the funeral, along with hundreds of world leaders and dignitaries, as well as up to 12 other prominent Australians.

Mr. Albanese and the Governor General will be part of the Australian contingent.

The Prime Minister will be informed of the Queen’s death one hour before the Buckingham Palace statement is sent to the UK Press Association.

He will then travel to Canberra to make his announcement, where he will be joined by the Governor General.

Mr. Albanese’s team has probably already prepared a black tie for him in case of Her Majesty’s possible death.

Charles would later be proclaimed King of Australia by the Executive Council. This will most likely take place the day after the Queen’s death, in order to synchronize with the proclamation of the Ascension Council in the UK.

The proclamation is the official confirmation of Charles’s accession to the throne, but he will already be king, having taken over from the moment the queen leaves.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is also expected to be proclaimed queen, which is likely to spark controversy.

Two RAAF planes will fly across the Pacific, gathering leaders before the funeral in London, according to The Australian.

Albanese and the Governor General will reportedly travel to London on separate planes.
Previous reports have said that European heads of state will be housed in the palace, while others will stay at Claridge’s hotel.

The first sign that the Queen is dead is when Her Majesty’s Private Secretary calls the British Prime Minister (now Boris Johnson) and says, “London Bridge is down.”

The news would then be relayed in strict order to senior members of the British Cabinet and Commonwealth leaders.

While the news is being broadcast around the world, a Buckingham Palace footman will post a notice to the palace gate informing the public of the tragic news.

Large swaths of the world will then go into 10 days of mourning.

The new King Charles will then tour the UK, heading to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to attend memorial services.

The Queen’s coffin will be moved from her home at Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace, where it will remain for four days, after which it will be taken to Westminster Hall, where it will lie for another four days.

Charles will lead the mourners in paying their respects, and hundreds of thousands of members of the public are expected to be allowed to walk past Her Majesty’s coffin.

It is expected that the coronation of a new king will not take place until about a year after the death of the Queen, as was the case with her own coronation after the death of King George VI.

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