Queen’s funeral: Prince Harry book may contain new truth bombs

When King Charles first addressed the Scottish Parliament last week, he quoted Robert Burns, the man who essentially had tartan. The late queen adored Scotland and that’s where she passed away last week, so borrowing some Burns was nice.

But if you really want to understand the past week, you need to turn to the most famous line ever written by Burns: “The best-laid plans of mice and people often go awry.”

The plans for the Queen’s death have been in the making for decades and I’m sure we can all agree that they involve nothing less than “the best” and the occasional presence of Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, in the UK at the time. . her passing brought a certain soap opera quality to the process.

Their abrupt, whip-worthy return to the royal milieu proved to be an unpleasant and constant distraction from state events.

(It should be noted that this is not the case, because the Sussexes have done something even remotely controversial or once a violation of customs – other than the alleged inappropriate display of a handshake in Westminster Hall; no, the duo showed the most impeccable behavior. .)

However, the Duke and Duchess, who happened to be on the ground during last week’s momentous events, could cause even more chaos in the coming months, as one British newspaper reported on the possibility that Harry could now revise his memoir to include details. about your life. death and funeral of grandmother.

Was it the sound of a number of Penguin Random House executives swooning in gleeful unison at the prospect of the publishing revolution of the century? May be.

Here’s what we know: Harry wrote an autobiography with ghostwriter J.R. Mehringer that was supposedly due for release in the coming months in time for the Christmas market. And even before the couple returned to the UK earlier this month, the manuscript was reportedly finished.

What no one knows, not even members of the royal family, is what exactly the Duke of Sussex might have chosen to reveal, and just how much of a literary pasting The Firm might be.

In particular, there have been some reports that Camilla, the queen consort, may arrive at a particularly turbulent time.

Never before has such a large book risen above Buckingham Palace. (excluding, of course, Peerage of Burke and Kraft’s Breeding Guide.)

Had things looked like this before, they could have gotten a lot more sinister for the Palace as Harry ended up taking a front row seat until Her Majesty’s death and his father’s accession to the throne. (Could the loom get even darker?)

On Thursday, Telegraph reported that Her Majesty’s death has caused “disturbance” in Harry’s book release plans, meaning it won’t hit store shelves until 2023, when the Sussexes observe a period of mourning.

Not only that, it could mean that “Prince Harry will have time to write additional chapters about his grandmother’s death so it doesn’t look dated.”

Now yes, practically it makes sense. The compassionate spryker from Montecito is being paid a ton of money (reportedly A$29.5 million) for the book, of which $2.2 million will go to his charity Sentebale.

To recoup some of this staggering advance, Penguin Random House will obviously want to do everything in their power to sell the item.

Also, it would be a bit odd if Harry’s book somehow didn’t fully mention the biggest royal event in nearly a century.

But they write about funerals and writing about the funeral.

Will the updated manuscript just see Harry reflecting keenly on the loss of his former “Commander-in-Chief” and seeing him touchingly honor her memory?

Or maybe the Duke would like to lift the veil on the most significant and emotional moment in the last 70 years of the House of Windsor, warts and all?

Hitting isn’t something Harry and Meghan dealt when it comes to talking about his family, when he told Oprah Winfrey that he thought his father and brother were “trapped” and then elsewhere, accusing his family in “complete neglect.”

Consequences if Harry decides to go into detail about what goes on behind the scenes – say what was discussed in the car with William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales, as the quartet headed to an unexpected location. appearance last weekend – one could see the irreversible damage done to his relationship with his family.

Rapprochement? I hardly knew her.

There’s also the question of what Harry might leave behind in the book. Charles, William and Kate are key members of the royal family that Harry and Meghan have spoken about publicly; and along with the new queen consort, they are members of a royal family whose positions have changed dramatically over the past week.

Will the death of the Queen give Harry the right to really speak his mind, or can he back off now that his father has taken the reins of power?

Even before Her Majesty’s death, there were reports that the Duke was still weighing what to say about his family. This was reported by the source of the publication. Page six at the end of August: “I hear Harry has a few truth bombs in his book that he’s debating whether or not to include.”

Another source said earlier: “It’s juicy, that’s for sure.”

However, as the ground moved in a matter of days, an insider told (who else?) Page six yesterday this question: “Does Harry remove anything potentially bad that he wrote about? [William, Charles and Camilla] currently? Who knows what will change.”

(One thing that is decidedly excluded from the discussion: Harry writes something less than absolutely enthusiastic about his famously adored grandmother.)

More broadly, it remains to be seen how the Queen’s death will affect the Duke and Duchess’ other commercial projects as her Archetypes podcast is temporarily suspended.

In July, it was reported that Netflix was pushing for their debut show, which was erroneously described as a “home” docu-series and documentary about their “love story”, to be released before Christmas. Can there be movement on this front as well?

It would seem that when it comes to “better thought out schemes,” the same goes for mice, men, royalty, and billion-dollar entertainment giants—things can go awry.

Daniela Elzer is a writer and royal expert with over 15 years of experience working with a number of leading Australian media outlets.

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