Queen’s funeral: Prince Harry confirms he won’t be wearing military uniform at funeral events

Prince Harry has reacted to reports that he has been banned from wearing ceremonial military uniform during Queen’s mourning events, while scandal-prone Prince Andrew has been granted an exception to allow him to wear military uniform.

Both princes served in the military: Harry, Duke of Sussex, in Afghanistan, and Andrew, Duke of York, in the Falklands.

However, a Buckingham Palace decree stipulated that only working members of the royal family were allowed to wear military uniforms at events commemorating the Queen’s passing. None of the dukes work as members of the royal family.

These events include a casket procession to Westminster Hall in central London, a vigil in a state of lying, a funeral at Westminster Abbey and a death service at Windsor.

On Monday, the Duke of York joined King Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Edward in a procession carrying the Queen’s coffin through the streets of Edinburgh.

While Charles, Anne and Edward were dressed in ceremonial attire, Andrew – in accordance with the decree – put on a suit instead.

Prince Harry’s statement

But it has emerged that Andrew, who retired from public life after a furor over his friendship with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, will be allowed to wear his uniform to Wednesday’s vigil at Westminster.

Harry reportedly made no such exception.

US television network CNN It was reported today that the prince issued a statement over the clothing controversy.

“Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex will be wearing morning suit during events in honor of his grandmother,” a Sussex spokesperson told CNN.

“A decade of his military service is not determined by the uniform he wears, and we respectfully request that the focus be on the life and legacy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”

Andrei can wear a military uniform – for one event

In January, Andrew was stripped of his military affiliation and patronage after he lost an attempt to stop a sexual assault lawsuit filed by Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre. This lawsuit has since been settled. The prince denied the allegations.

However, he retained his service rank of vice admiral. He is expected to be in uniform for Wednesday’s vigil.

Royal sources have told multiple media outlets that the exception for this single event is made out of “a special mark of respect for the Queen”.

But this is not a sign of respect for Prince Harry, despite the fact that he reached the rank of captain.

Royal commentator and Sussex confidant Omid Scobie noted the opposition of uniform rules between Andrew and Harry.

“Without a doubt, this is a huge blow to the Duke of Sussex, who has served for 10 years and said this morning that the Queen is his “commander-in-chief”.

This is likely to leave a bitter taste for ex-soldier Harry, who is proud of his decade in the armed forces and who was saddened after the Queen stripped him of honorary military posts, including captain-general of the Royal Marines after the Sussex retreat. Abroad.

On Monday, he wrote about his special memories of the Queen’s presence at his parade in 2006 when he became an officer in the British Army.

He spoke of his “first meeting” with his grandmother as “my commander-in-chief” – and was believed to be referring to the incident when the late monarch made him smirk and blush while she examined the cadets.

At the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh in April 2021, the issue of dress was handled by the Queen, who decided that no member of the royal family should wear a uniform. Sun.

It was a break with tradition, but it was seen as the most eloquent solution to the problem.

Reports said that Andrew was considering wearing an admiral’s uniform.

He was due to be promoted to admiral in 2020 to mark his 60th birthday, but this did not happen due to the aftermath of his disastrous performance on the BBC’s Newsnight program where, among other things, he said he could not sweat.

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