Queen’s funeral: Safety fear as man runs to king’s car

A royal fan in Britain was dangerously close to being run over or arrested when he ran into the middle of the road to take a picture of King Charles.

It came on a busy day for the new monarch, with ceremonies in both London and Edinburgh.

Charles began his day at Westminster Hall in London, hosting the coronation banquet of Henry VIII in 1509 and the trial of Guy Fawkes, who tried to bring down the Houses of Parliament, in 1606.

There, he and Camilla, the queen consort, listened to politicians express their condolences to the queen.

A man runs to King’s car to take a picture.

After the visit, the couple headed to London’s Heathrow Airport to fly to Edinburgh for a parade through the city’s streets, where the Queen will lie in state.

Their cortege, bound for the airport, included police officers on motorcycles and various support vehicles.

Notably, the police did not close the roads between central London and Heathrow to allow the royal group to run through.

So, when traffic on the main A40 road in the western suburbs of the city came to a halt, the king also found himself in a traffic jam.

It was then that the overexcited fan spied his chance.

Footage from a Sky News UK helicopter following the king’s vintage Rolls-Royce showed a man speeding down the street parallel to the royal couple’s car, which was three lanes from the footpath.

The man jumped into oncoming traffic and then stopped at a black van to take a picture of the king in his car.

The rest of the vehicles had to stop, as the pedestrian was in the middle of the roadway.

He was only a few meters from the car where the queen consort sat.

At that moment, the car doors began to open right behind the royal rolls, probably packed full of royal guards, who seemed about to intervene.

The fan then appeared to either wave to the king or head towards the support car before calmly returning to the footpath.

The King’s car slowed down during the collision but never came to a complete stop.

Charles had previously addressed members of both the House of Commons and the UK’s upper house, the House of Lords.

“At a very young age, Her late Majesty swore to serve her country and her people and uphold the precious principles of constitutional government that underlie our nation. This oath she kept with unsurpassed devotion,” he said.

“She set an example of selfless duty, which, with God’s help and your advice, I decided to faithfully follow.”

King leading the Edinburgh procession

Immediately after lunch, Charles and Camilla landed at Edinburgh Airport in Scotland.

Around 2:30 pm (11:30 pm AEST), the queen’s coffin was loaded onto a hearse for its procession through the streets of the ancient city.

It was taken from Holyroodhouse Palace along the narrow Royal Mile in the Old City to St. Giles’ Cathedral.

King Charles followed the hearse on foot, along with three of the Queen’s other children, Anne, Andrew and Edward.

Also in attendance were British Prime Minister Liz Truss and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

A memorial service was held at St. Giles’ Cathedral.

People will be able to pay their respects before the coffin is brought to London in preparation for the funeral next week.

On Monday UK time, the King will hear new condolences from members of the Scottish Parliament.

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