‘Questions I have for the man who built my house’: a woman has created a viral series showing the strange decisions made in the construction of her house

The closer you look, the weirder things get. And yes, this applies to buildings too! When you actually take the time to look at your home – and we mean Indeed LOOK at this – you may start to notice incredibly quirky design and construction choices. Suddenly, many things stop making sense. For example, why the roof of your house is curved. Or why that particular switch turns on the lamp over there. Or why your outdoor deck is made from the least weather-resistant materials (perhaps in the universe).

All these questions are answered by digital influencer, blogger, lifestyle blogger, and stylist. Joanna Hawley-McBridealso known as Jojotastic, asks in her wonderfully quirky and light-hearted satirical video series TikTok“I have questions for the man who built my house.” It’s a real treat for homeowners (both current and potential), architects, builders and design lovers, and today we’re sharing Joanna’s video with you dear Pandas.

Congratulations, you’ve taken your first step down the rabbit hole and out of the Matrix, and chances are you’ll start noticing a bunch of oddities in your own home as well. It is good to ask such questions because you develop a sense of taste and begin to notice bizarre and unusual solutions. And it’s a lot of fun to giggle and try to imagine what went through the builder’s head. Scroll down to Jojotastic’s fun and insightful TikTok (the link to each video is right below each picture) and let us know what you think of them in the comments.

KristenBellTattoos.com got in touch with Joanna and she was kind enough to tell us all about her video series, moving to a remote cabin and what she thinks of such a huge fan base. “Sometimes it amazes me that I have such a large audience, especially since I’m just a woman in the woods with fancy chickens and satellite internet posting satirical videos of my house on the internet!” she joked. Meanwhile, Arian Sherin, editor “These three rooms” answered questions from KristenBellTattoos.com about why builders make decisions that may seem counter-intuitive and how to accept imperfect homes. Read our full interviews with Joanna and Aryan, Pandas!

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In 2020, Joanna moved into a remote cabin in the mountains outside of Seattle.

Image credits: yohotastic

She then began the renovation process, turning it into a whimsical dream home.

4 7Image credits: yohotastic

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Joanna shares her adventures in renovating and decorating her home on her social media accounts.

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However, she noticed some interesting details about the remote cabin that didn’t make much sense and decided to share them with her followers.

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Image credits: jojotastic.blog

“I Have Questions for the Man Who Built My House” is now a viral series on her TikTok channel.

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