R. Kelly Found Guilty of Multiple Charges of Possession of Child Pornography at Trial


Facing the music. R. Kelly was found guilty of multiple child pornography charges during a trial in Chicago on Wednesday, September 14th.

The 55-year-old rapper (full name Robert Sylvester Kelly) was found guilty on three counts of child pornography. Chicago Tribune. Each charge carries a minimum of 10 years in prison.

The jury also found Kelly guilty on three of the five counts of soliciting a minor to engage in criminal sexual activity.

“There was a mixed verdict, but we won more points than we lost,” Kelly’s attorney. Jennifer Bonjean said out of court after the verdict. “If the jury found that he was guilty on the first three counts, would they be interested enough to consider the evidence on the rest? And they showed what they did. They did their job. They looked at each account separately.”

On Wednesday, the Ignition musician was acquitted of seven counts, one of which was child pornography. The other six were: one count of child sexual exploitation, one count of criminal aggravated sexual abuse, and four counts of conspiracy. WGN9 reported.

Kelly was charged with 13 counts of producing and obtaining child pornography, soliciting minors in criminal sexual activity, and conspiracy to obstruct justice before trial. On Wednesday, it took the jury about 10 hours before they reached their verdict.

Their discussion began after a three-week trial that consisted of testimony from one of Kelly’s alleged victims of sexual abuse. The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, stated at the booth that the singer abused her when she was 14 and recorded the interaction.

The woman’s alleged interaction with Kelly was one of five reports prosecutors used to convict the Chicago native. Rapper I Believe I Can Fly was accused of filming explicit videos of four of his five victims in the 1990s. A date for his sentencing has not yet been announced.

Kelly’s co-defendants are a former accountant and business manager. Darrell McDavid and former assistant Milton Brown — were acquitted of all charges after pleading not guilty.

McDavid, for his part, was initially charged with conspiracy to obtain child pornography, obtaining child pornography, and conspiracy to obstruct justice. Brown was charged with conspiracy to obtain child pornography.

The Bump n’ Grind singer is already facing three decades in prison after being convicted on racketeering charges in New York. In June, Kelly was sentenced to 30 years after a jury found him guilty of racketeering on 14 major crimes, including child sexual exploitation, kidnapping, bribery and sex trafficking.

At the time, he was also convicted on eight counts of violating the Mann Act, which is a sex trafficking law that prohibits the transportation of “any woman or girl” across state lines for “immoral purposes.”

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, call National Sexual Assault Hotline call 1-800-656-HOPE (4673). A trained staff member will provide confidential, unbiased support as well as local resources to help with treatment, recovery and more.

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