Rachel Recchia accuses Tino of cheating after bachelorette party engagement

Another Neil Lane diamond goes to hen-party cemetery. Rachel Recchia as well as Tino Francothe engagement broke down when the 19th season of the ABC series aired. The 26-year-old pilot and the 28-year-old general contractor broke up after she accused him of cheating.

On Tuesday, September 20, on an episode of the ABC series, Rachel said: Jesse Palmer that Tino confessed to cheating after they got over the initial “growing pains” in their relationship. The series then cuts to Rachel opening Gabby Windy as she prepared to confront Tino.

“He never said, ‘What I did was terrible, I messed it up, I’m sorry.’ This has never happened. It was simple: “I love you so much, I really see my future in you, and I want us to work on it.” It’s like we’re having a random fight,” Rachel said, claiming he only cares about what fans think. … We never called off the engagement. We never parted.”

Tino then arrived and confessed that he “kissed” a girl he had met before. hen-party filmed, explaining: “The moment I made [it]I knew that I belonged to you.”

He subsequently began reading from his diary, claiming that she refused to go to therapy and wanted the ring back. When Rachel resisted, Tino stated that he didn’t want to “go back to the past”. She then accused him of doing more than just kissing another girl, which he denied.

Earlier in the episode, viewers watched Tino propose to Rachel after she was sent home. Aven Jones home during the first part on September 13th. “Rachel, I love you so much. I will love you until the end of time. And you make me feel so loved and valued and appreciated that I want to dedicate the rest of my life to making you feel wanted and loved the way you deserve to be,” he said in part. I’m so hopelessly in love with you. You are the woman of my dreams and I only have one question to ask.

Tino was one of the first applicants for the role of Rachel, receiving a first impression rose.

“Directly – I would say from a limousine, but probably from a forklift – I felt that he was definitely my type,” Rachel said exclusively. Us weekly Tino on the Here for the Right Reasons podcast after the July premiere. “I was really excited to talk to him and then he really made a special moment for me inside and asked for a first kiss which was really sweet. So it was a difficult decision, but definitely the right one.”

A month later, Rachel said Us that Tino is “a person who I feel completely safe around”, explaining: “He chose me from the very beginning and it was really nice to be able to share a date with him in Paris and really get to know him better.”

However, their journey wasn’t always smooth: Tino’s parents questioned Rachel and the process during his hometown date. She left the visit feeling Joe as well as Sandy Franco “hated” her – Tino tried to reassure her that they would come after the show.

Meanwhile, Tino’s father took to Facebook to show his disdain for the series ahead of the first part of the finale. “Watch the bachelorette party tonight at 8 for (yawns) the most shocking finale ever (part 1 only). So glad it’s almost over!!! #bachelor life,” he wrote.

Rachel and Tino are set to reunite live at the After the Final Rose stage on Tuesday.

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