Ranch employee who rejected Remy Bader taunts her online

In an unexpected turn of events, American Ranch has apologized to TikTok sensation Remy Bader after an employee embarrassed the model on social media.

This came after Bader revealed that he was seeking treatment for his eating disorder…

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26 year old TikTok star, known for her captivating and “realistic dragging clothes” shout out at a ranch after being told to leave “because she weighed over 240 pounds” and could not ride a horse.

Still bader later refined that she had riding experience and “never had this problem” before – calling Deep Hallow to “advertise” this information on their signage for future purposes.

In response, the ranch issued an apology after an alleged employee insulted the famous TikToker…

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Apology declared that the video posted by the teenage employee “in no way reflects” or conforms to “the views held by the ranchers.”

They are further added: “We would like to apologize to everyone this offended and we do not condone or agree with any part of this employee’s video.”

Wait, that’s not all…

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Hampton Water expressed their outrage, stating that they would “no longer work with the Deep Ranch”.

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Hampton Water also issued a statement: speaking they were “outraged” by the way Bader had been treated. Addendum they will no longer work with Deep Ranch as “inclusion and kindness are at the heart of Hampton Water”.

The incident took place at the Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk, New York, last month.

Remy Bader showed up with a few others for a ride together.

However, the influencer shared that she wasn’t allowed to ride and was even sent home due to her weight…

Something she admits was “very embarrassing” at the time.

Shortly thereafter, the 26-year-old TikTok star took to social media, reflecting on her experience at the ranch, detailing how she was mistreated by the staff.

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AT viral video, the star called the ranch, saying she was told to “leave because of her weight”. The video has gained more than 149 thousand views, which made it more popular than ever.

In the caption, she explained that she “never had this problem.”

Adding, “Please advertise this on your signage in the future.”

She later explained in the comments section to her followers after receiving hundreds of messages: “It’s a fact that it wasn’t advertised and how badly it was treated.”

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She went on to write, “That was my experience, not yours.”

“It was very embarrassing [sic] to be told that I need to leave in peace when everyone else should stay lol,” she added.

After the whole ordeal, Bader spoke to PEOPLE, where she addressed the situation, sharing that she appreciates “every kind word and support. I also want to say that I would never want to ruin or ruin a small business unless I REALLY felt it was necessary.”

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Although she has gone so far in accepting and loving her body, she also acknowledged in her statement that it is moments like these that are negatively impacting her progress.

Bader also spoke about the positive feedback she’s been receiving on social media…

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TikToker said she has begun a six-week outpatient treatment program for her eating disorder and will spend several hours a day there.

Addendum she would also be “involved in all their various treatments.”

“I really feel like every time I’m at my best and feeling a surge of confidence, he immediately shuts down with those experiences. […]

“It has become normal for me to come to terms with body shame and distress on social media and in person on a daily basis, and it’s really just exhausting.”

After a TikTok call made by one of the ranch employees, Bader says she’s always struggled with her body image and her confidence…

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But she hopes to share everything she learns from her therapy saying: “I really hope that I will have a positive feedback for you guys when I can really feel better and share everything I have learned with all of you.”

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While another commented, “Lol it took this dude 3 seconds to ruin his family’s business.”

“Are we ready to leave these one star reviews ladies??” wrote a third.

The ranch later apologized for its employee’s TikTok. writing“We have come to know that a rancher video was posted on TikTok and a teenage employee posted a response that in no way reflects or aligns with the views of the ranchers.” […]

“We would like to apologize to everyone this offended and we do not condone or agree with any part of this employee’s video.”

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One outraged user wrote: “Teenager employee… in no way matches the views of the owners.” He is the son of the owner, who was incorrectly brought up and clearly trained by someone in these “views”. Absolutely disgusting.”

While another repeated: “This is your son. Makes me wonder where he could get this behavior from. Publicly shaming someone online with the profanity they used is just disgusting. Love your cute little Facebook apologies, but that’s about it. You will not hold your own son accountable for his actions. Gross.”

Bader took matters into her own hands by posting the duet on TikTok. in reply to comments that shame the body.

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